'50 Shades of Grey' Author Adds Another Sexy Hunk to the List of Possible Christian Greys

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Garrett HedlundJust when we thought pretty much every hottie in Hollywood had been mentioned as a contender to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, author E.L. James had to go ahead and throw another super-sexy possibility into the mix. Now it's going to be tough to get him out of our heads.

Yep, looks like we need to give actor Garrett Hedlund some major consideration for the role, because there's a chance that E.L. James has Garrett on her radar as a good fit for Christian.

And it's all because of a very simple tweet she sent out while taking in a flick recently.

She said, "Watching Troy."

Yep, That's it. "Watching Troy." And if she was watching Troy and felt the need to tell her Twitter followers about it -- it must be an indication that she thinks Garrett Hedlund may have what it takes to play Christian, right?

Well, maybe. That's definitely a possibility, but there's also a chance that E.L. was simply doing what the rest of us do multiple times on a daily basis -- sharing whatever activity we happen to be enjoying with our social media followers.

But since she got people buzzing about Garrett Hedlund as Christian, we might as well go ahead and discuss him.

I dunno -- I can see it, you guys. He's on the dreamy side for sure, and he also has kind of a mysterious vibe going on. And at 28, he's the right age to portray Christian -- not too young and not too old.

For some reason, I'm feelin' this one a little bit. I mean, Garrett was sexy as hell in Country Strong (even though the overall movie was totally lame-o), so I'm guessing he'd be even hotter in the role of a dominant.

Ok, I'd better stop right there before I get a bit too worked up. I'm digging Garrett -- let's leave it at that.

What do you think of Garrett as a possible Christian Grey?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Tracy Pike-Gaga

Please don't pass up at least looking at Josh Bowman as a possible Christian Grey..

Melyy Leon

I dont like him as Christian.. EW!

Shari Fann

I don't think he has the right look. Ian Somerhalder is the only one I've seen that could demonstrate all aspects of Christian's character.

nonmember avatar ann

he looks a little girly. definitely not a hot sexpot like ian

Lora Blanton Kinner

Still a Henry Cavill fan until someone can show me something better.

seely... seely1979

No. Henry Cavill is Christian.

Annie Ciaraldi Mchouat

Absolutely! He is exactly what I picture Christian looking like...perfect!

Andrea Hershey

No way!!! I don't see him as Christian whatsoever!!! Ewww!

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