'Teen Mom' Star Complains MTV Only Shows Half the Story

Tyler Baltierra Teen MomDo you ever watch Teen Mom and think, "Oooh, that is so not real"? Join the club. Already a member? Tyler Baltierra.

The fiance of Catelynn Lowell and star of four straight seasons of Teen Mom, Baltierra is a household name because of MTV. But he had no problem taking the channel to task for not showing the entire story of the stars' lives. Yikes! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Let's back up a second.

Tyler was on the offensive already this weekend, going after fans who are critical of Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans. Tyler asked for a little sympathy for Evans, who he said has had a lot of struggles in her life. Tyler certainly knows about struggles himself -- from getting his girlfriend pregnant at 16 to dealing with his drug addict father spending much of his childhood in prison.

But the critics weren't having any of it, saying Jenelle has put her flaws out there for the world to see, and she's getting what she deserves. And that's when Tyler took aim at the successful reality series:

@kanamore @PBandJenelley_1 EXACTLY! You only see what MTV decides to show. Trust me I did it for 4 years

Doesn't sound like he's too happy with MTV, does it?

Listen, we all know to use the word "reality" pretty loosely when it comes to reality shows anymore. But you would think that Tyler, of all people, would be the last person to bash MTV and Teen Mom. He remains a fan favorite because he came off as one of the sweetest boyfriends EVER. His and Catelynn's fight to make something of themselves despite their screwed-up childhoods is pretty inspirational. 

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I'm not sure what he has to complain about? Or if he's even wise to complain.

This is, after all, a guy who was just a nobody from Michigan until MTV got hold of him and his girlfriend. Now he's trying to launch an acting career, and he's got curated shopping sites like Gentology touting him as one of their celebrity catches.

If he really wants to move forward with a career in the public eye, Tyler would be wise to remember who got him there.

Do you think Tyler has anything to complain about here?


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Aeris... AerisKate

I don't see that as complaining or in any way bashing MTV.  It's pretty obvious by now that with reality shows, we see what the producers want us to see.  They want good guys and villans and so they will edit the footage to present people in those ways.  All he said was that MTV shows what they want to show so maybe the viewers don't see every side to these people.  That is not complaining or bashing.  Of course he would know because he was part of it for so many years. 

dirti... dirtiekittie

i didn't see it as bashing... he stated what we already know: "reality" is always edited. 

CPN322 CPN322

He didn't complain....he reminded those individuals that we do not see everything that goes on. I

nonmember avatar Shelby

I think Tyler and every cast member has the right to say whatever they feel is needed. They know what was really going on and as viewers we get to see in one hour something that went on for months. I dont think it is fair for any of the teen mom or dads to be judged because we dont know the whole truth.

Stephanie Rowland

Whoever wrote this article is a freaking idiot... hes not bashing MTV hes simply saying they only show certain parts of the teens lives... hes not lying starting crap or anything unlike who??? hmmm maybe the writer of this story... get a life and stop trying to cause drama for ty & cate

Tonia Smith

I really don't think he was bashing he just wanted people to know that they don't show everything or say the hole truth about the teens I will never judge these teens couse I have not walked in there shoes. I do like the show thow:)

Heather Mertz Robb

I don't think he was bashing MTV in anyway, just reminding people of the obvious, that the show doesn't air every bit of film recorded for every story line. He doesn't call names or say anything negative, or even imply it. Just stated a fact that people often forget.

Kayla Leib

I agree with everyone else. He didn't bash MTV, didn't state anything negative. He has never seemed ungrateful. Just said that there is more to the stories than what we see and it's true.

prist... pristine729

Have you ever complained about the person who signs your paycheck? Of course he can complain! Doesn't mean he isn't grateful!

Amanda Pearce

Tyler's a smart guy, and he was simply stating the obvious. They edit, they cut things out, they only film certain things, etc. I think they SHOULD tell the complete story. Then maybe skeptics will get the real message that this show IS NOT promoting or supporting teen pregnancy.

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