Brandi Glanville’s New Famous BFF Can See That Adrienne Maloof Is the Crazy One

brandi glanvilleI love it when I hear that a celeb is a Real Housewives fan. My heart skips a beat every time a legitimately famous person is on Watch What Happens Live and they know all about the Housewives drama. It's as "Just Like Us" as it gets for me. So when Lea Michele came out as a card-carrying member of Team Brandi Glanville, I fell in love with her a little. Even if she was trying to be diplomatic in her stance in the Adrienne Maloof-Brandi Glanville feud.

Lea recently told OK! Magazine that she wanted to "collect as many Housewife friends as possible," saying that Brandi Glanville is next on her list. "She’s just winning for me." Lea said. "I'm on Team Brandi." But then, in an attempt to not ruffle any reality feathers, she added: "I love Adrienne too so I don’t want to pick sides on that one!" Too late for that, Lea! You already said you were on Team Brandi! May as well get an "I Hate Adrienne" tee, because there's no back-tracking from that.

Unsurprisingly, Brandi was quick to respond to Lea's call for Housewife friends, tweeting to the star, "Let's get drinks! I'm a huge fan!"

Will these two women become bestie gal-pals for life? Eh, probably not. But I bet if they happen to cross paths at an event, they'll exchange some idle chit-chat between one another, so that's cool.

But what's really cool is when celebrities heart Housewives as much as we do! I really don't know why, but it is! Bye!

What do you think of Brandi Glanville?

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nonmember avatar donna

I have been walking HWOBH since the start when Brandi came aboard everything was about poor me what Eddie did to me, then it was about the sisters, then about Taylor and now its Adrianne. When is she going to be held accountable for her mouth and what comes out. I think she was defended last night and it was wrong take charge of your mouth and stop thinking lawyers will bail you out
time to let another housewife go by by maybe Taylor needs to go tooooooooooo

nonmember avatar JaneDoh


Cye Cye

Nicole, you are so right! LOVE when the celebs are on board the RH's CrazyTrain! Makes me happy when celebrities are just like us! Oh, and Team Brandi.


nonmember avatar Fan of RHOBH

Love RHOBH HOWEVER, since Brandi came on it has been nothing but confrontation & DRAMA! I am not surprised she is being sued. Maybe, she'll learn how to keep her trap shut, but I doubt it...

nonmember avatar Memememe

Who can tell the difference. Brandi is morphing into Adrienne with her overuse of fillers and Botox and lip injections. Maybe they can do a spinoff called the cat ladies.

pkspi... pkspikesmom

Yes Brandi causes drama, BUT they all do.  This season just happens to be Brandi.  Last season it was Taylor.  If there were no drama, would you be watching?  Doubt it!!!  Brandi knows she did wrong, has said it over and over.   Brandi is more down to earth and real than Adrienne is. Adrienne is a rich snob who has NEVER EVER had to do without and has no clue about REAL life.  Next she will be blaming Brandi for her marriage failing.  Doubt it since she never,on air, showed any kind of affection what so ever to anyone, especially her husband. Just nasty little comments that she gets away with.  Let her live a week as a real person then maybe, just maybe she might understand. 

nonmember avatar missy

Brandi can kick rocks.....she' s a f&*&in cry baby. Get a life....better yet get a J.O.B

nonmember avatar Jeanne

Team Brandi all the way.

jmpay jmpay

I am TEAM BRANDI all the way

nonmember avatar crystal

Team Brandi all the way! I just don't understand why it's okay for Kyle, Kim, and Adrienne to talk shit , but when Brandi say something, she's the big bad wolf? At least Brandi has enough balls to say it to their face while them other bitches go to lunch or dinner and talk crap behind somebody back.

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