‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Loves Black Women & Sistas Might Finally Have a Chance


This could possibly be the most revolutionary season of The Bachelor in the show's 17-season history. I'm serious. Sean Lowe may not be rich, a daredevil, or particularly suave, but this guy is a game changer. Literally. The reason? He's down for the swirl. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, that means he dates women of color. In fact, he says that his last serious girlfriend was black. Who knows? Maybe this season a sista actually has a chance!

This whole issue comes up among black fans every season. Usually, we assume the one to two black or Hispanic contestants are basically just tokens they keep on for a couple of episodes before being dinged. The Bachelor or Bachelorette never shows particular interest in them, but they are PC enough to keep them around for a couple of rose ceremonies. This time, however, things may be different.


During episode #2, Robyn, an African American, asked Sean point blank if he's interested in women of color. It could have been a dreadfully awkward moment, but Sean didn't miss a beat. He said he was attracted to women of all races -- and this wasn't just lip service. He also revealed, "My last girlfriend was black." (He's referring to Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Ryan Ray, whom he dated before filming The Bachelorette.) That means Robyn and Leslie actually could win his heart!


There are other diverse faces still in the competition, of course. Catherine is half-Filipino and Selma is Persian, but the show's relationship with African Americans has always been an issue. Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson led a discrimination lawsuit alleging that the show failed to feature non-white cast members. The suit was shot down in court, but criticisms persists. Producer Mike Fleiss' response:

We really tried, but sometimes we feel guilty of tokenism. Oh, we have to wedge African-American chicks in there! We always want to cast for ethnic diversity, it’s just that for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would.

Not sure if I buy that black and Hispanic women don't try out for the show. But I do agree with the fact that just throwing a few brown chicks in the mix when the Bachelor clearly isn't interested in expanding his dating pool is a bad idea. However, things seem quite different with Sean. Can't wait to see how far these ladies get in the competition now that it's clear there is a genuine interest in dating more than the cookie-cutter brunette or blonde.

Do you think The Bachelor/Bachelorette is becoming more diverse?

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Heath... HeatherJo11

Hmm. I too have noticed this a little, back when I used to watch the show a lot. More to the point tho, is why have they never had a black Bachelor? Not just multi cultural/ethnicity women. Its more truly representative of American bachelors. Just saying.

nonmember avatar Sandra

I would LOVE to see The Bachelor feature an African-American bachelor... complete with 25 African-American women! Throughout my life, from high school into adulthood, whenever I see a large group of African-America women, they are always entertaining to listen to and watch! I can imagine the hilarity that would ensue as they vie for his attention and affection, especially when toes begin to get stepped on in the house. Would be record ratings, I'm sure.

nonmember avatar sepidar

Selma is not Persian, please get your facts straight.

Simone White

He does not like black women so lets not get it twisted. I think I saw like 4 (I may be wrong) beautiful black women come on there in this season and only two young women stayed..and (SPOILER) Leslie is out. This leaves 1. I don't give a scrambled F^^K, he is not interested in the black girls. He is full of 'ish and this show is fake as hell. Those white girls have the key to his heart. So what if "his last girlfriend was black"--hes on this show looking for a "soul mate" in 1hour increments. How deep was that relationship if his blonde behind is acting his way though ABC b.s. Racism is still real people.

Cera Shaz

I think it's great to see more diversity on the show AND a bachelor who will seriously entertain the idea of dating outside his "race". However there ARE other groups besides black people, and I feel that Latinos, Asians, Indias, Native People etc.. should also be properly represented.

nonmember avatar kim

Simone, I state this with respect, please dont bring racism into this. That guy is a great guy. Whether he likes black women or not, he was open and seemed sincere. Sisters can be so hard and harsh. Leave the racism bit out. Racism had nothing to do with it. Oh and I am black.

nonmember avatar M

Selma isn't Persian. She's Iraqi. Huge difference.

Popeye Cord

Sean's claims that his previous girlfriend was African American felt like the 'I have a black friend defense' against accusations of prejudice. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that beyond what seemed to window dressing, the black women had very little meaningful interaction with Sean. What there was seemed forced, staged... pick an adjective. That, I believe, was the precipitous for Robin's initial question. She was asking 'Why am I here -- do I even have a legitimate chance?' And poor Robin. The whole "chocolate" episode made me cringe. Not only did she have to *ask* to be kissed but it was just plain awkward before, during, and certainly after. As an AA lady, myself, I've dated men from across the spectrum. Sean's discomfort with those black women was palpable. I'm not at all surprised they have all been eliminated pretty early on.

nonmember avatar sandra

Not only is this guy not into black women and was very uncomfortable around them he has proved himself to be a class a jerk. Why would he invite the loser team on the date and then to add insult to injury he gave one of the losers the rose. This is not the kind of guy you want to call your man. And white men, don't get it twisted,we black women are not infatuated with white love like the black man seems to be. Yall are not that special,we can take you or leave you.

Alicia Haggenmiller

I agree with popeye the last thing in the world he wanted to do was kiss Robin lol Im black saying that lol I think it might be fair to say that he like bi-racial women he might mean that because I just dont believe Mr Lowe is into the swirl lol But Im not mad at Robin for asking for a kiss THAT MAN IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I would have asked too lol lol

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