Deleted ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scene Leaked & It’s Better Than We Imagined (VIDEO)

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Edward and Bella, Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartYou don't have to lie, you were probably pretty frustrated with the subpar sex scenes that made the final cut of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. I know, it feels like ages ago, but it's OK, I was frustrated too. Which is why today's news is SO exciting, I can hardly contain myself. Not only are there going to be loads of deleted sexy scenes on the upcoming Extended Edition DVD release of the Twilight movie, but one has already leaked and we have it here to show you.

Yep. Kristen. Rob. The word SEX is uttered. I have chills just rehashing it in my mind. Yeah yeah yeah, they had to make cuts to begin with to keep the movie rated PG-13, but the morning after the BIG sex scene footage ... it's priceless. See the long clips, here:

I can't lie, it's a little dirty, and I like it.

You know my favorite part? I love feeling like I'm seeing true, real chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on screen. The couple, they aren't all that public with their PDA, and so often I wonder what things are like for the two of them behind closed doors. Kristen still comes off a little awkward, but I love watching Rob react to her as if it's just another day at their real-life home together. Just another morning.

And to think, this is only the beginning of what's to come.

What do you think of the deleted scene? Are you excited to see what else makes the Extended Edition of the DVD?

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Saerise Saerise

No thanks. I have no desire to ever see either of them naked.

hexxuss hexxuss

I would feel like a pedophile watching those 2 kids. PASS. I saw the first movie only, won't see the rest.

Jennifer Felton

Yet you felt the need to go into the article and read it, then comment... In my experience, people who aren't interested in the subject of an article don't read the article and then post a comment on said article.

Just saying.

nonmember avatar JonnyBullet

My God! So this is what does it for you, Emily? And no, I've never seen any of these movies, by this clip it's not even a decent fantasy. The only thing this article proves is intellectual de-evolution. How anyone can get so excited and horned up over this pathetic piece of drivel escapes me, so I must be missing something. You need something like this to spark your libido? That's sad and unfortunate, but it does say something about your intellectual and emotional makeup. I guess it shows you need to live vicariously through others, and you have no clue on how to channel your emotions in a productive way. You are just addicted to voyeurism and being extremely limited and depressed emotionaly, you need to exist in a fantasy world of someone else's making to survive.

Nichol Mattson

I'm not sure you understand the definition of "sex scene." This isn't one.

Destiny Mellenthin

Im wondering if the admin Emily even knows what sex is after reading her description of this video LOL what a joke.

AMom29 AMom29

OMG.  Did the previous 6 people (Jennifer Felton excluded)  just come here to dump on the author and the topic (probably more the topic)?  Do you not have BETTER things to do?

You don't like Twilight? Fine.  Then don't comment.

rccol... rccola1945

  I didn't see any sex, in this scene, so whats the problem? If you don't like, Twilight, fine, but leave the rest of us alone. These movies, did a great job, with the 1 sex  scene, not to show anything, really. Who needs to watch this, to get aroused, there was nothing, dirty in it at all. Just, some people, have very dirty minds, or want to save the young kids,from knowing there is a thing called sex.. My, God, people, how in the hell, do you think we all got here. I want, to tell all of you,that don't want your kids to know sex is, even real, quess what, 98% of those kids, are already having it, right under your noises. This isn't, 1925 or 1950. It is, 2013, & a lot has changed. Nobody, is forcing you to like, anything.angel mini

Lynda Lyons

There's an interesting oops in here - a discrepancy that doesn't fit the characters. Edward lists cheeseburgers as one of the things she won't want anymore - but she's a vegetarian. Doesn't sound like original dialogue from the book. I don't think Stephanie Meyers would have made that mistake. The whole scene over breakfast seemed unnecessary. Nice to have it though... : )

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