Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky Needs to Stay Out of Brandi Glanville’s Business

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mauricio rhobhIf you watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night, I know you thought two things: One, when is Taylor Armstrong going to realize that it's uncomfortable for everyone when she gets drunk on camera, and two, what the shit was Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio Umansky doing getting involved in the Brandi Glanville, Adrienne Maloof drama? Since there's really nothing more to say about Taylor's cringe-worthy tipsiness, let's talk about how Mauricio needs to mind his own business.

I thought the way he ganged up on Brandi was totally inappropriate, and what makes it even worse, I think I know the shady reason why he did so.

Let's think about it. Why would Mauricio, who's remained solidly in the background for three seasons, suddenly decide to enter the fray? And why would he choose to insert himself in such an obviously heated argument? Why this? Why now?

The answer, of course, is money. Mauricio has to take Adrienne and Paul's side if he ever wants a chance of selling their house and helping them buy a new one. At the point last night, where they were all sitting around in that tile room pretending to eat, I assume he, like everyone else, had heard rumors of a possible divorce in the Maloof-Nassif household, and decided to capitalize -- when there's an end of a marriage, there's the beginning of new real estate business for Mauricio. Just ask Camille Grammer.

Mauricio has nothing to gain from backing Brandi. What's he going to sell her, a trailer? He stands to earn big from anything Adrienne and Paul would be looking to buy or sell, so he's aligned with them, and ferociously. That's why he got involved. That's why he chose a filmed moment to publicly throw his weight behind team Adrienne. And poor Brandi, she just had to sit there and take it from him. I would've blown up just like she did. Like, dude, seriously. Slow your roll and shut the fuck up.

Still team Brandi.

What did you think of Mauricio's outburst?


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nonmember avatar Corina

He spoke up because it's hard to sit there and listen to Brandi's BS! She keeps saying she's sorry for saying it but that's only because everyone told her she should be. She continually says mean and hurtful things and thinks it's ok because "she's honest". I'm glad they're suing, she needs to realize there are repercussions for her treatment towards others like that. Oh and if Kim HAD the money, she probably would've sued her last season too when Brandi accused her of doing drugs!

nonmember avatar jojo

Someone needs to call her out. She does always just say what she wants then she plays the victim, not to mention, she is just pure garbage.

nonmember avatar SoOverIt

Mauricio acted like the punk we all knew he was. He's just not as big a one as his wife.

Karma... KarmaGrant

It was quite hypocritical for him to keep hounding the issue, pause and say "I can't even believe we're talking about this!" and then go back to hounding the issue. One that is NOT his. I also find it hypocritical that it's ok for everyone else to keep bringing up the issue without Adrienne present but if it was Brandi bringining it up there'd be backlash from half the cast. 

Brandi has said she was wrong for saying it. For everyone else to keep hashing and rehashing and bashing her is crazy. She can't unsay it and would if she could, as she's stated numerous times in front of the cast AND in her talking heads.

nonmember avatar Kristen Edwards

If they were talking about it in his house then he has every right to but in the argument

nonmember avatar Charles

brandi probably cost him a couple of future business deals by the way she acted at his event. i can see why he is pissed.

nonmember avatar Mark Jones

Hypocrit. The biggest sh#t stirrer and gossiper is his wife! Stay out of the girl talk.. MAN UP.

nonmember avatar Pam

He needs to STFU. He is nothing but a money hungry whore who sides with whoever has the most money. He is not a gentleman in any sense of the word. His wife starts all the shit then sits back and acts so innocent in it all. Fame has gone to her head. But guess what, you are not famous for anything good, just being a shit starter.

pkspi... pkspikesmom

He spoke up because he is a money hungry whore who only cares about those that have money,  He sides with whoever has the most.   His wifes starts the shit then he sits and judges,  Do they not watch the show and see what they do????  Kyle brought on Marisa to side with her and she didnt. 

Justa... Justamom283

I still don't understand how you can get sued for telling the truth. It's not like Adriene makes her friends sign a non disclosure so that they can never talk about her behind her back.

And this all started because Kyle asked Brandi why she doesn't like Adriene anymore. Brandi was just answering her question. It's not like was gossiping about Adrienne. She was asked and answered saying because she lies. And then just gave an example of one of her lies.

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