'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Has Better Things to Do Than Go to College

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Jenelle Evans JaceGet out your calendars and a marker, folks, because the latest Teen Mom news needs to be marked down. Jenelle Evans is taking the responsible route!

The Teen Mom 2 star has been taking serious heat on Twitter because she's not currently enrolled in college -- even though co-stars Kailyn and Chelsea have both managed to juggle single motherhood with going back to school. But the way Jenelle tells it, she's got a pretty valid reason for putting off her degree. Any guesses?

She's broke!

Yup! Even working those three jobs, even with an MTV salary, Jenelle can't come up with the funds to pay for tuition, and she can't get financial aid either. Said Jenelle on Twitter:

“@KABKAR77: @PBandJenelley_1 how could u not?” Taxes, not qualified for the pell grant, bills, child support, etc.

Don't believe it? Well, consider this: a recent report on the Teen Moms' net worth claimed Jenelle is by far the poorest with a net worth of just about $10,000. And the money Jenelle is bringing in is all being claimed between rent, car insurance, and child support for Jace, plus some "debts" that the Teen Mom says she has to pay off to various people.

She didn't elaborate on whom she's indebted to, but this is a girl who has had to be bailed out of jail a few times. Her debts are sure to be many.

But so what? She's not the first person to rack up a pile of debt in this country. What's more important here is that she's doing something about it. She's working, and she's using the money to do something positive in her life.

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If she's actually paying people back for helping her out, Jenelle is finally taking the big step toward understanding that she is not the center of the universe. When other people step forward to help you out, you owe it to them to return the favor. And sometimes that means putting off what you want to accomplish until you've wiped the slate clean.

Jenelle has done plenty of shameful things in her life, but delaying college because she is being fiscally responsible is not one of them.

What do you think of Jenelle putting off college? Is this a sign of a new Jenelle?


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mizmo... mizmommerz3891

A lot of people who went to college are unemployed now anyway, and they all have student loan debt.  

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Not everyone needs college either. I'm a SAHM who will be managing our rental property portfolio.. Don't need an lengthy, expensive education for that.

nonmember avatar Jessie

It's fine if she doesn't want to go to college but what about getting a damn job? She has never had one on the show, has she?

theak... theakaneko

If she's trying to be responsible and get out of debt and take care of her LO, I can't think of a better thing to do than put off college. I did graduate with a Bachelors, and will never regret that even though I am a SAHM and plan to be for some time. But I have a lot of friends who haven't finished thier degrees yet because they are taking care of thier kids and believe that will take priority for a bit till they are better on their feet. Good luck to her :)

Saerise Saerise

She's had a couple of jobs on the show. I mostly just remember her getting fired a couple of seasons ago for not showing up..Not good. While it's good that she's paying people back, she also should be more focused on investing in herself, instead of wasting money dropping classes when she misses going to class. She should try GOING to class, then she won't waste the money as much, and there will be more to go around. I mean, how hard is it to seriously earn an associate's degree? There are some even shorter programs you can enroll in, too. Maybe she just needs to enlist in the military. She could really use the structure, since she is incapable of building any herself.

Lori Giliberto

I can appreciate her being fiscally responsible, sure. But I thought that part of the reason Barbara had Jace was for Jenelle to have a chance to get her life under control. Having a restaurant job might not do that, but if you could live at home, take the chance to get a degree and work A Lot, it's like, better now than never. :-/

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