'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville's Feud With Adrienne Maloof Gets Even Nastier

Brandi Glanville Taylor Armstrong Camille GrammerDayum! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended on a heated note tonight. Brandi Glanville was heaving f-bombs at Mauricio Umansky in rapid fire succession. "Go f*ck yourself!" she told him. Then, she used one of her favorites: "Shut the f*ck up!" It was intense to say the least.

It all began when the group -- minus Adrienne Maloof -- was out for a nice Moroccan meal. When Brandi got there she told Kyle Richards that Paul and Adrienne were suing her for whatever it is she said about Adrienne. They said if she didn't meet with them Friday and sign a paper saying she'd never talk about them again, they'd take her to court. In other words, they were throwing around their big bucks to try and intimidate her instead of working their problems out in a civilized manner. Not knowing what else to do, Brandi coughed up a couple thousand dollars and retained an attorney, which is probably a smart move with those two.

So somewhere after Kim Richards' bizarre and inappropriate outbursts of emotion and Taylor Armstrong's drunken whatever that was, Mauricio started to attack Brandi. He wanted to know why she said what she said and why she hadn't just called and apologized to Adrienne. And he wasn't tactful about it at all. He may be hot, but he was totally acting like an ass.

Brandi made it abundantly clear that she knows she shouldn't have said what she said. She also said she's tried to contact Adrienne. But there's also the little HUGE matter of what Paul and Adrienne did to Brandi to piss her off bad enough to blurt out their big secret in the first place. "Adrienne started with me; I didn't start with her." Then she went on to say that it was something about her kids and her life. Feels like you really need to know what that was before you can judge Brandi too much.

Kim felt the need to stick her nose in the whole thing and ramble nonsensically, while Taylor was doing some weird female power meditation chant on the other side. Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd were the only ones actually sticking up for poor Brandi. Ken said that what Brandi said was true, but Lisa quietly shushed him telling him not to say that or he'd get sued too. But he at least made an argument as to why Brandi shouldn't call Adrienne against her attorney's advice.

It was one big mess, and based on previews for next week, it doesn't look like things are going to be getting cleaned up anytime soon. Maybe they'd all feel better if they just did Yolanda Foster's Master Cleanse.

Do you think Mauricio was out of line tonight?


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nonmember avatar Mary

Everyone needs to stay out of Brandi's business. This is between her and Adrienne. Why the hell is Mauricio getting involved. He has nothing to do with this. He is showing his true colors this season. He is a kiss ass and only cares about the Maloofs because they are rich! I can't stand him or his wicked witch of the east wife, Kyle. She needs to hop on her broom and fly away. Kyle is a bully and loves to stir the cauldron. She thinks she's so witty and fun, but she's nothing more than a wannabe. Her hair and wardrobe are so tacky just like she is. Everytime she comes on the screen, I want to fast forward.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

If Brandi knew it was a secret, then the only reason she should have said it was out of malice. Yes, she was having issues with Adirenne, but that is no excuse for sayin what she said. Brandi doesn't think before she speaks and plays the victim very well. Brandi accused Kim of being a drug user.

littl... littlesuzyfrog

This season is rediculous.  I hope they get some new people next season, no taylor yolanda, i can't imagine that adrienne would come back.  And Kim and Kyle were so nasty to Brandi that night that she said kim was on drugs, that she hardly owes them an apology.  What is it that adrienne said to start this all.  Is that going to come out?  Is it going to be as boring as all the other "shocking" cliffhangers?  Let's just fast forward to next seaon.  I hope NJ is up next.  I am disappointed they are bringing back danielle.  Why?

Mona_... Mona_Munaki

@ pinkmani  Brandi spilled the secret about the Maloofs only after being pressed by wicked Kyle.  Most people at the table already knew the secret...so it really wasn't a secret.  It was mentioned that it was something that everybody already knew.  As for Kim's addictions, she was treated for more than alcohol abuse.  It's documented in the press.  One doesn't hole up in the bathroom every 15 minutes to swig a glass of wine while looking in the bathroom mirror.  It may not have been meth, but something one does privately or with a friend in a secluded location.  Brandi wasn't lying.  Even Kim said tonight that Brandi didn't guess correctly.  Kim holds grudges and is judgemental of others yet expects to be forgiven all of her missteps.  Breaking three dates with Yolanda indicates that Kim may still have a problem.  She was always MIA before rehab.  Mauricio is a jerk.  I'm glad that Brandi went off on him.  His arrogance is nauseating.  

nonmember avatar Anne

Taylor has been nasty to Brandi all season long, gossiping about her etc...But only took Brandi's side against Adrienne, because she is still mad that she would not become God parent to her child. Mauricio still seemed angry at Brandi for ruining his event, even though Paul and Brandi really started it then. But he would never admit that since he wants their business. Lot's of pettiness going on here, and once again, Brandi is the target of it all.

Snark... Snarkymom

Mauricio lost a lot of "hottie" points last night. I don't know if he's trying to remain relevant, but it really IS none of his business and even if he felt like it was, that was not the time to air his grievances. It came off as petty because he felt like Brandi (with the help of Kim, Adrienne and Paul) ruined his party.  Where is Kelly Bensimmon so we can show her what "systematic bullying" REALLY is.  Geesh...

nonmember avatar Ohio Mom

Mauricio was completely out of line. He is in it for the money, and knowing that Paul and Adrienne may need real estate in the future, he did not want to alienate them. I find it so ironic that he is married to a gossip-mongering trouble-maker and he questioning Brandi's character. I am so glad that Ken let him have it. Clearly Ken and Lisa are true friends to Brandi. For the first time I actually agreed with Taylor! It was beyond reprehensible when she and Russell talked about suing Camille, but is perfectly acceptable to sue Brandi?

nonmember avatar catlady123

Maurcio needs to STFU. Can not stand him or his trouble starting wife. HE sides with whoever has the money even telling his wife to make up with Camille because of the money issue. Shame on Adrienne and Paul to ask Brandi to never talk about them again, what the hell is that about? Thankfully she hired an attorney and hopeful she does not sign that document. Adrienne really thinks that because she has family money, she is better than anyone else. SHE IS NOT!!! Use to semi-like Adrienne, but now, no what Brandi did or said, what she is doing is just wrong. She hides behind her attorneys because she has not been seen on the show but for 2 minutes since. Grow a set of balls that you think you have lady. Mauricio do you not watch the show and see that it is YOUR wife that starts all the trouble then sits back all innocent?

Melissa Greer

okay, I wasn't a fan of Brandi but seeing how the others react to her, I think she is the only real one of these ladies(and I use the term lightly). I used to really like kyle, but she has turned out to be so munipulative, and self centred. The "mean girl" in her has really come out. Brandi seems so genuine. Faults and all. And I find I really like her, and can't help but root for her. And Kudos to Lisa for standing up for her. She seems loyal, which I have yet to see from these backstabbing, gossiping, hateful, ladies.

nonmember avatar Sonia

Thank goodness people are finally starting to see what a manipulating bitch kyle is! I have never liked her. If anyone would have been paying close attention, they would of seen that she is behind all the fights, and I mean practically all the fights since season 1. She may be rich but her behavior proves that she is an insecure bitch (I use the term bitch because I have absolutely no respect for her and it would be an insult for all women if i would refer to this low class skank as a woman). I feel bad for Brandi but I am glad that she is able to look at someone point blank and tell them to STFU. Brandi stay strong amongst the crowd of fake people!

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