Grumpy Tommy Lee Jones Becomes a Meme & We Get the Last Laugh (VIDEO)

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tommy lee jonesDid you see that riff Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell did at the Golden Globes where they pretended to have seen all the nominees for Best Actress in a film -- when they obviously hadn't? And apparently every Best Actress moment involves a woman yelling, "You get out of here!" Everyone who saw that was reduced to giggle fits. All except ONE. GRUMPY. OLD. MAN. Tommy Lee Jones was not amused.

The camera panned over to his grave face and he did not even so much as smile. Not even a twinkle in his eye. You would have thought he was in the middle of a root canal. Watching a knife demonstration. I mean, was Tommy Lee Jones actually conscious at the time, or just asleep with his eyes open? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: He has become the latest meme, and it's even funnier than Will and Kristen's act.

I mean, come on! That duet with Will and Kristen was so funny! What is wrong with Mr. Jones? This morning when I watched the video, I noticed Tommy's response and wondered what his problem was. So it's just poetic justice that now he's being paired with Grumpy Cat -- oh yes, it's gone there.

Check out TMZ's hysterical mash-up of Tommy Lee Jones with Grumpy Cat. Perfect! There's also Tommy Lee Jones in "I had fun once. It was awful." And here he is saying, "I'm not impressed" with Grumpy Cat saying, "Finally, someone gets me." Now I just need to see Tommy Lee Jones with McKayla Maroney and Grumpy Cat -- the holy unimpressed trinity -- and my life will be complete. Somebody make that, please.

Oh, poor Tommy Lee Jones. He's going to find out about all this meme silliness and ... I don't know, will he finally crack a grin or will he be even grumpier??? Okay, Tommy, you don't have to laugh if you don't think it's funny. But we reserve to giggle our heads off at your total lack of mirth.

Do you think Tommy Lee Jones was just spacing out, or did he really, truly hate Kristin and Will's act?


Image via NBC/YouTube

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Fondue Fondue

He probably found Will and Kristen's act to be an annoying bit that went on waaaaay too long. 

 I know I did.

bills... billsfan1104

I thought I was the only one that found it annoying.

nonmember avatar HS

Uhh I have the same look on my face right now after watching that. Although mine's more perplexed. It wasn't very funny, kind of annoying and drawn out. I totally get why he looked the way he did

nonmember avatar Sam

I found the bit to be completely asinine

the4m... the4mutts

I thought it was stupid, and I can't stand Will Ferrell anyway.

javak... javakitty2011

i didn't see it, only watched the red carpet bit but no matter how Tommy Lee Jones looks, he's FINE with me lol


the4m... the4mutts

Omg javakitty! I didnt want to say it first lol

I have such an old man crush on him & Clint Eastwood

Net1957 Net1957

I thought it was cute and funny...and Tommy Lee Jones looks like he was in pain or something!

kever... keversole

one thing i've learned from my grandfather, if an old man doesn't feel well, there's no making him smile. he's not so young anymore and might have been in pain or under the weather.

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