‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Thinks We’re the Ones Who Need to Change, Not Her

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farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham has had a rough couple of months. She's been criticised for her music video, her children's book, her plastic surgery, and most recently, her decision to wax her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows, so it's no surprise that the young mom is looking for a respite, a safe haven from the haters, if you will. Farrah tweeted on Sunday that she finally found relief in some "sane" and "positive" people at church.

She went on to say that she hopes the world changes (or, #changes, as she writes) to be more supportive of her wildly misguided life decisions.

Fact of the matter is, nothing's going to change for Farrah, people aren't going to be more "positive" toward her until she's more positive about herself.

When a beautiful woman in her early 20s decides that she needs 10 Gs worth of plastic surgery, then sells the story to a tabloid, that's not exactly exemplary of self-love. And when a mom thinks her toddler's "unibrow" needs to be removed, that's not really showing any tenderness.

Through her plastic surgery we see that she doesn't like her body, her self, and through her daughter's eyebrow plucking, we see that she doesn't like her toddler's, either.

Farrah's been putting out a lot of negativity and that's what she's getting back. It's an old adage I truly believe in -- no one can love you until you fully love yourself, and vice versa -- and Farrah seems like she's a long way from showing herself compassion, understanding, and love, and a far way away from receiving that in return.

I'm glad that Farrah's finding some friendly faces at church, but as Gandhi said, Farrah needs to be the change she wishes to see in the world before she starts asking others to make an adjustment.

What do you think?


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nonmember avatar Mille010113

Ha, we're not the ones treating our parents like shit and teaching our kids how to be spoiled ass brats!

Jinnay Jinnay

I am pretty sure Jesus doesnt like plastic surgery or vanity.....

nonmember avatar michael abraham

Mille01013...give Farrah a break I'm her father Micheal..and Farrah has "out grown" the disrespect item THAT WAS filmed over a year ago! Forgive and let a person mature which is what Farrah is doing...stop judging her for something she did long ago..

nonmember avatar michael Abraham

Jinnay I have not seen any guidlines in the bible about plastic surgery...but yes vanity....so looking at your picture I see makeup on your eyes and your eyebrows have been trimed or shaped....all acts of vanity so why do you put down Farrah when you and most others are doing the same thing...praticing vanity but in diffentent ways...shame on you!!

nonmember avatar Michael Abraham

Lindsay.....excuse me but we... Farrah and our family go to church based on Christ and our faith in him....not Gandhi. and yes our GOD teaches us to treat others as HE would .....so stop being so judgemental.....you personally don't know how positive Farrah has changed since our last filming which was way over a year ago...shame on you...and YES this is the real "Michael" her father.

nonmember avatar Debra Danielson

Farrah is a brat! I would know I'm her mom.

nonmember avatar Kimberly

Farrah is the angriest of all the teen moms, saddly she appears to be the most privileged. She is defensive, spoiled and has a martyr syndrome. She is the role model for Sophia. She is teaching Sophia to act rude, nasty & disrespectful to parents - it will come back to bite her. What about the boob job to get modeling gigs for her/Sophia? Saw one modeling job, she hated it. Waxing a child?? Really. Diapers on a dog? Holding a dog over the john and expecting it to go??? Really.

nonmember avatar Shell

To the perons "claiming" to be Farrah's father: You sure do waste a whole lot of your time on here, wetpaint, and lord only knows where else, defending her. Why don't you get your ass off the computer and actually teach her something! She hasn't out grown anything when she's sitting here saying we all need to change, not her. She's a control freak, disrespectful, down right rude bi***. The sooner you face it, the sooner you'll realize you're wasting your life on her defending her. Anyone who would wax, and then tweeze their 3 year old's eyebrows, is sick in their head. She is already giving Sopia complexes about her looks! And that wasn't filmed a year ago either. That was recent as well. As Joy Behar said on The View, what the pluck what she thinking? She's an insecure, selfish psycho and she's teaching her daughter to be the same way. Get your daughter some serious help before Sophia ends up just like her!

nonmember avatar Lorri

I think Farrah is uncomfortable with herself like most people are. She needs to realize it before she has her daughter reaching for perfection which honestly no one has. She needs to love herself so she can teach her daughter to love herself no matter what someone says. I personally wear no make up or pluck my eye brows and no I do not have a uni brow cause God made me in his eye of perfection. I love me for me and I am teaching my daughter to be the same no matter the peer pressure. Every one stop judging her cause the more you do the worse you make people feel about themselves and causing the insecurities from bullying her.

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