Robert Pattinson Goes to Golden Globes Without Kristen Stewart & It Can Only Mean One Thing

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Robert PattinsonSigh. If you were keeping your fingers crossed that they were going to pull a Bella and Edward and live happily ever after in eternal bliss, then you'd better gear up for a huge disappointment. Robert Pattinson attended the Golden Globes without Kristen Stewart as his date last night (gasp!), which means if they aren't already broken up, a second and final split is pretty much inevitable.

And it's not even like Kristen is off filming a movie somewhere other than L.A., making her absence on Rob's arm last night no biggie. Nope. Get this one, she was supposedly spotted at a Starbucks with two other dudes yesterday. (???) If that's true, then she really doesn't have a valid excuse for not accompanying her boyfriend to one of the biggest showbiz events of the year. (Seems a little strange, doesn't it?)

Ok, ok, so I guess it's possible that maybe she had some other commitment last night that we don't know about, and that's why she decided to forgo the Globes with her man. But throw in the fact that Kristen and Rob also chose to skip out on the People's Choice Awards last week -- and you've got yourself a recipe for an impending breakup.

It's hard not to wonder if there is a simple and clear reason for why Rob and Kristen seem to be avoiding making public appearances together. I'm gonna go ahead and throw this little explanation out there -- could it be that they're embarrassed to be seen together? You know, like they don't want to set themselves up for having their every move analyzed by the media (case in point, like what I'm doing with this article), so they figure it's better not to subject themselves to any sort of added scrutiny.

But if that's the case, it's only a matter of time before their little love-fest crumbles to pieces, because if they can't even attend parties and events together, then how is there any chance of things working out long-term?

Yep, this is the beginning of the end -- like, the real end of Robsten. (I can feel it in my bones.)

Do you really think there's any chance that Kristen and Robert will stay together?


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nonmember avatar Lori Cyples

Really? You're as bad as the tabloids we buy in the store! Nothing better to do? They just bought a house together in England. Get a life and stay out of theirs!

nonmember avatar Nina

oh brother when does the gossip stop... Its too bad famous people cannot own some part of their lives not even the private ones.. and the media really never factual anyways pure gossip. I could careless just like the movies they do.

nonmember avatar vicky

Maybe she didn't want to go ? They are very private so turning up at a non twilight related event would green light the paps as to the fact they are together. And if they've split, oh well. Hot totty back on the market!

nonmember avatar Jaime

Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff? She wasn't at the awards; big deal! For all you know, he wasn't invited with a guest. Rumors are that she showed up to an exclusive post-Golden Globe party with Rob, so what's your take on that?

fleur... fleurdelys3110

One day they're moving in together and he's about to propose, the next day they're breaking up. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. STOP BLOGGING ABOUT THEM. NO ONE CARES. *rant over*

nonmember avatar Katherine

Other reports actually said that she attended the Golden Globes after party with is that going to be the next Stir story? 'OMG! Robsten is back together because they met up at the after party!?!?'

nonmember avatar NennaCowan

Hope Robert leaves her,she dont care how he feels!Treats him like shit!

dirti... dirtiekittie

i am SO thankful that i don't have media on my tail accusing me of being on the verge of divorce every time i go somehwere without my husband. i couldn't pick up milk without being on the verge of a breakdown! 

nonmember avatar FAN OF ROBSEN

Kristen was at the Global Awards, she stood up when Jodi Foster won her awards. Was in black long dress, looked wonderful-2 hours after show started. LEAVE THESE TWO PEOPLE ALONE

nonmember avatar Kayce

They were spotted together at an after party. So this kind of debunks your thoughts.

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