Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are ‘Getting Married’ -- Sort Of

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Well everyone, it's time to break out the bubbly and prepare yourself for what could be the biggest celebrity union of 2013. Reportedly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married. Well, sort of. The mom-to-be can't actually get married to her rap superstar boyfriend because of the eensy detail that she's still married to Kris Humphries. However, they WILL be having a ring ceremony and pledging themselves to one another in an over-the-top way in a beautiful Malibu mansion because, well, blowing things out of proportion is what the Kardashians do best.

Generally I'd say this is a bunch of bologna. I'd say that Kim just wants the attention and then confess that I wish she'd film the whole thing in a two-hour E! "this isn't really a wedding" special. But let's be real: Despite being married to the Hump, she is having Kanye's child. If I were her, I'd probably want to do some silly version of the exact same thing.

So this is what we know, so far. Allegedly the duo will have a commitment ceremony at one of Kim's friends multimillion-dollar mansions in Malibu, and rumor has it that they aren't planning on wearing the rings they exchange on their wedding fingers. They want the whole thing to be "low-key," and to be followed by a party with all their family and friends overlooking the beach. How picturesque, right?

Whether it's true or not, I think at this point the world needs to accept Kim and Kanye for the couple that they are and embrace them and their family-to-be. I truly believe that with personalities like theirs, they are meant for one another, and ring ceremony or not, they will get married once both Humphries is out of the picture and the baby has arrived. Why really wait? Well, maybe it's just a hunch, but I don't think Kim is the kind of woman who wants to get married with a full-on baby bump. Harder to find multiple dresses for her three changes, that way.

Do you think Kim and Kanye's commitment ceremony is silly or cute?


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wendi... wendianise82

I still don't understand why she is famous.

nonmember avatar Katie

they are a joke. first off you don't marry someone & decide 72 days later that you're done & file for divorce. did she & KHumphries even date that long? the entire Kardashian klan are attention seeking whores and i am SO tired of seeing "news" about them. god help this child, he or she is going to need it.

nonmember avatar belle noel

There is no standard time limit for staying in a marriage. Most women stay too long and it costs them dearly. For the mere fact that they were married for on 72 days this divorce should be over. But Kris Humphries can't let go. Kris is holding on to Kim like OJ hung on to Nicole. And we saw how that turned out. KRIS HUMPHRIES, FREE KIM KARDASHIAN!

Samfan97 Samfan97

I don't get why any of the Kardashians are famous. I don't watch them and I don't care about them. Does anyone, really? I don't get all these non-celebs...

nonmember avatar cheri

I love this... The Kardashion's are famous for alot of things they have done and what they are doing, DO YOUR HOMEWORK if you don't know why... I love this and cant wait to see them shine in the after glow of it all...

nonmember avatar Carin

He's STUPID.. He's mom is probably rolling over in her grave because of this foolishness.

nonmember avatar JMS

Nothing says everlasting love like a commitment ceremony, not a real wedding mind you - cuz one of the partners is STILL married to someone else! SMH (these people are a joke!)

nonmember avatar Denise

Such a waste of time!! Who cares? When she leaves K West she gone leave with half and that half she will be forking over to Kris H.

nonmember avatar Love me seer

These 2 individuals are not dating... She is not pregnant and they have NEVER even had sex...... Wait and see. You would get that if you listened to kanye's music.

nonmember avatar vicente velez

kim and kanye should have a huge wedding 72 days was the worst days of her life i dont know them personally but she deserve to be happy and kanye has done that as a friend now as a lover do it up kimkan

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