'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Donkey Booty Battle Shows Another Shady Side of Kenya Moore

Kenya MooreDonkey Booties were the name of the game tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and at least one lady wasn't playing nice, no matter how much she tried to play the victim. Of course that was none other than Kenya Moore, who keeps racking up the psycho points with every episode.

She's finally done with Walter and that whole shady deal (or at least says she is), so it's on to Phaedra Parks' donkey booty workout video. Phaedra was actually doing Kenya a favor, giving her a chance to work on it when everyone else found her as "crazy as a bedbug". Instead of graciously accepting it, however, Kenya took that chance, and twisted it.

Though she tried to paint it as if Phaedra was trying to get her to work for free, that wasn't the case. Phaedra paid her (or planned to pay her) a set fee for work done, but Kenya wanted a back-end cut for finding them a distribution deal (which Phaedra wasn't even ready for her to do), meaning she'd make money off of the video for life. Phaedra didn't think that was fair, and was prepared to just move on with someone else, namely Kandi Burruss's man, Todd. Of course, Kenya didn't take that well since she produces multimillion-dollar films (in her mind?) and stormed out on her shoes, which cost at least $1,000, since that's as low as she goes when it comes to footwear (gag).

At the big surprise party Kandi had for Todd, Kenya barely finished saying happy birthday to Todd before she launched into a tirade about Phaedra's business dealing. It was beyond inappropriate, and Kandi was pissed.

At the same party Kenya also tried to talk to Apollo away from Phaedra and sway him to her way of thinking. He didn't exactly stand up for his lady, which wasn't cool either, but how dare Kenya do that? Not to mention the way she so obviously flirts with him. 

Now, based on what Cynthia said about Phaedra tweeting out a random suggestion that people show up at the Bailey Agency for a casting call, it does seem Phaedra may have some problems when it comes to the line between business and friendship. But I also trust Phaedra and her intentions a hell of a lot more than I do those of Kenya.

Previews show things really cranking up next week when Kenya seemingly decides to do a workout video of her own -- the "Stallion Booty" workout. Oh yes, she's going there. Phaedra doesn't seem too worried though, and threw out one of her trademark zingers: "Her booty is more lumpy than a bad batch of gravy." Bring it on.

Team Phaedra or Team Kenya?


Image via Bravo

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paige... paige8608

I died at the "Her booty is more lumpy than a bad batch of gravy." comment! lmao!

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I do not like Kenya... Hahaha

nonmember avatar ShaakiraTS

Team Phaedra, Baby!!!!!

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Oh, my gosh! Kenya said she's used to getting 50%! Girl, pleae!!!

nonmember avatar Erika

Team Phaedra! I'm glad you clarified that set fee vs. backend money. Kenya is painting this all wrong!

nonmember avatar DJ

Please! Apparently the author can't smell BS when presented. Phaedra is a con artist and this episode showed exactly that. Of course Kenya was going to try to get a back-end deal, because there was NO flat fee, she even said so in the episode. Phaedra is a user, just like she tried to use Cynthia without paying her. Phaedra has a lot of people fooled, but I know a con artist when I see one.

nonmember avatar Julia

Phedra is being so unrealistic. Why would she not want to pay Jenya for the deal. She calls herself an attorney? Kenya was much too trusting to give them all the details of the deal before getting a contract signed. She got taken by a bunch of greedy people.

myvoice1 myvoice1

I am not a fan of Kenya but she is not sneaky at all. Phaedra and Apollo came to Kenya more than once regarding a deal for this donkey booty video. I dont know anyone other than Kandi,with that Kim Zolciak fiasco with Tardy for the Party, who would work for free. 10% of a distribution deal that Kenya got for them is nothing and according to the article Kenya was never paid anything. Was going to pay is not the same as paying. I think we are finding out more and more that Phaedra holier than thou act is just that....an act and she's really a mean manipulative person. She's a lawyer for goodness sake. That says it all. Cynthia was smart. Phaedra tried to get work from her for free also but Cynthia ended that quickly stating she works for a fee!! If anything this article should be titled Donkey Booty shows a sneaky side of Phaedra parks. And this is not the first time she scammed someone. Remember her working with Sheree, lets say not working for Sheree but got paid. Dont let that Godly demeanor fool you, Phaedra is evil as hell!!

nonmember avatar Penny

Phaedra was wrong. Kenya got the ball rolling and even went above what was asked of her. I think people hate Kenya because she is so outgoing

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