Harry Styles Isn't Losing Sleep Over Taylor Swift -- That's for Sure (PHOTO)


Harry Styles Taylor SwiftWord has it Harry Styles has reason to be a wee bit anxious these days. The One Direction singer just split from girlfriend Taylor Swift, and you know what that means! He's about to have all his flaws hit the Top 40 courtesy of one of Taylor's "I hate my ex" songs that have made her a household name. 

But Mr. Taylor Can Go Back to the Kennedys 'Cause I Don't Want Her is -- wait for it -- doing just fine. No, better than fine! And we have photographic evidence!

Behold the photo bandmate Zayn Malik -- who turns 20 today by the way -- put up on Twitter this week of his buddy Harry: 

Aww! Off in dreamland ... Mr. Styles is not losing sleep over his ex-girlfriend, that's for darn sure.

Ba ... dum ... bum!

All jokes aside, I'm not sure what people expect from this guy. One steamy make-out session in Times Square does not forever ever after make, y'all. He's 18 years old! He could have his pick of half the world's screaming teenagers! And they were together for what, 5 minutes?

Even those of you who are all, "but it's TAYLOR SWIFT," let's give this a little perspective. As much ado as we all make over Taylor's quasi-pathetic break-up habits, she's not exactly a bunny boiler. So she writes some songs. He's a musician. She's a musician. If anyone can get hip to making some money making tunes about past experiences, it's probably Harry Styles.

Besides, I think he's got bigger problems then Taylor right now. How creepy is this photo??

Do you think the whole "OMG, poor Harry" folks are getting out of hand? Do you expect him to be shaken up?


Images via Pacific Coast News; Twitter


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nonmember avatar Cassie

Taylor needs to write a song about how shes the problem...not all these guys

DebaLa DebaLa

Wwwait. Am I reading a teen mag now?? Seriously confused!


I think The Stir is getting out of hand. Can you chill with the Taylor stories already? And unless he has HRH in front of his name you can chill on Harry also. Hear ya DebaLa its like Tiger beat up in here!

bills... billsfan1104

Hhahhhahah Debala and Prima

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