Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Elicits the Most Insane Comment From Kelly Bensimon

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kelly bensimonIt was only a matter of time before Kelly Bensimon shared her feelings about Bethenny Frankel's divorce. The two were mortal enemies on The Real Housewives of New York, and their epic battles -- the "I'm up here, you're down here" comment and the "go to sleep!" fight come to mind -- were brilliant to watch. Bethenny was the only cast member sane enough to go head to head with Kelly's certifiable craziness, and it was always satisfying to see Ms. Frankel call Kelly out for her non-sensical ramblings (remember the whole chef/cook exchange on the boat?) and her bizarre ability to contradict everything she says.

So when E! asked Kelly what she thought about Bethenny's split, Kels didn't miss an opportunity to hide a dig in what seems, on the surface, to be a very supportive response.

Let's break it down. Kelly said:

"I feel so bad for her." Aw, that's nice.

"But she's a strong woman. She's an incredibly strong woman." Hey! That's nice, too!

"I wish them both well. Jason is a very nice man, very solid." OMG, is Kelly actually really sweet?

"Divorce is the worst time of your life, so I can't imagine my marriage and pregnancy on television and then it not working out." Errrr, beg pardon? That's not really as heartfelt as it may sound.

I mean, it comes across pretty backhanded if you ask me. Kelly's basically saying, "Ooooh, ahhhh, and it's really just toooo bad, darlings, that, oh my, how dreadful it is that poor, poor Bethenny had made that silly decision to share her life on TV because now, oh, the poor thing, oh, she has to go through it all in the public eye, and my dear, that must just be so excruciating SUCKER!"

Maybe I'm giving Kelly too much credit. Backhanded compliments, after all, do take a little bit of intellectual conniving.

Regardless, it's not like these two are going to bond over their divorce experiences and vacation together in the Hamptons. There's always going to be some bad blood between these two, and really, there's nothing wrong with that.

I wonder if Kelly would call that systematic bullying ...

Do you think Kelly had good or bad intentions with her comment?


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Melan... MelanieJK

"Divorce is the worst time of your life, so I can't imagine my marriage and pregnancy on television and then it not working out."    is a very valid observation particularly in light of how short the marriage was.    However,  it's an obvious observation that didn't  need to be said so it was probably a bit of a dig.

nonmember avatar amy

I never would've looked at it as a negative comment, really. But then again Kelly is one sick nutbag so who knows.

nonmember avatar Tammy

Kelly is a raving lunatic! I was glad they kicked her off the show! She should just keep her mouth shut. After all every time she opens it she just makes herself look more stupid.

nonmember avatar MyMarie

Does it matter what she says... Bensimon is probably the most irrelevant of all the housewives... past and present!!

nonmember avatar catlady123

Kelly is a serious nut job in need of major help. Who cares what her opinion is.

nonmember avatar Nancy

Kelly is a nobody who thinks she someone. She needs a shrink! Very jealous of Bethenny & her success. I'm sick of Kelly & her backstabbing comments! Why would anyone give her any chance to comment on anything?

nonmember avatar joanne hester

I don't think Kelly really meant to dig at her. I have always felt that Kelly thought Bethany was tough women who dished out insults and had a razor like tongue, Kelly not a good communicator usually ended up with her foot in her mouth.

nonmember avatar Jeanette

Kelly is just as stupid as Teresa from the NJ Housewives - they should do lunch

glori.b glori.b

Consider the source. I never saw Kelly as a mental Giant. Or a great looking model for that matter. She had no business being on that show, unless they just wanted to include some fluff.Thats what they got a fluffy headed  clothes hanger, who thought she was so attractive to men, but couldnt keep one.


Liz Williamson

Shut up Kelley.Your a WHACK JOB...
You still are so Jelly of Miss Bethany.
No one cares what comes out of your fog
Good luck Bethany,and kelly,god help you !!! lol

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