Lindsay Lohan Freaks During Sex Scene & Does Something Really Odd (Even for Her)

Lindsay LohanPoor Lindsay Lohan. Just when you thought she would shape up and get her act together -- wait a second, you probably never thought that ... Well, regardless, she's proving once again that she is off her rocker.

If you're waiting for a LiLo comeback, don't hold your breath. Because when a New York Times article gets released entitled, "Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie", you're pretty much dunzo in Hollywood.

As some of you may know, Lindsay was cast in The Canyons -- a film she was recently fired from. And you're probably expecting to hear that she was flaky, showed up late to set, and called in sick a lot -- which, of course, she did. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, my friends.

Sources from the set are claiming that Lindsay locked herself in a closet prior to doing a four-way sex scene. See? I told you it was ridiculous. She was in there for so long that the director of the movie had to literally threaten her in order for her to come out. Sounds like a toddler playing hide-and-seek if you ask me.

Now, I get it. Sex scenes are hard, I suppose. But isn't she supposed to be a "professional"? If you had a problem with taking your clothes off on camera -- maybe you shouldn't have signed onto that film in the first place?

Apparently, Lindsay "broke all sorts of Hollywood records by getting fired and rehired within a week of shooting" -- and after 90 minutes of Lindsay begging for her job back, she was finally told to go home. Ouch.

Do you think Lindsay could ever make a comeback with her reputation?

Image via ghostofgoldwater/Flickr

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femal... femaleMIKE

prolonged sex scenes during movies bore me.  I don't understand whats the point of filming that scene.  I am no prude, just bores me.

CAP1015 CAP1015

It would be really, really nice if the blogger/poster would have read the 11 page article she keeps refering to so that she could be at least "somewhat" accurate.  Lindsay was not a joy to work with but the article explains the complex issues very well, it was a great article, very informative, appeared to be very fair and extremely insightful, but the crap written above is basically writing about what you overheard by some people you didn't know at some place you can't remember, but since it's about Lindsay Lohan it must be true and bad, yes?  Absolute horrific journalism..........

nonmember avatar linbri 28

I don't understand alot of the comment i read on cafemom are negitive. People always seem angry at how the articals are written. It's kinda getting annoying if you don't like cafemom stop reading it

worki... workingmama86

i don't think I could do a 4 way sex scene either, lol. But I wouldn't sign up for a job that required that.... No I don't think she will "recover".. but who knows!

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

the original article was much better and more clearly showed the various circumstances, the other actors and director were not peaches to work with either, after also takes a peak into her life and her self-deprecating humor. She is certainly a troubled young woman, but she had some help getting there.

littl... littlesuzyfrog

No.  I'm surprised she got hired for the movie anyway.  Let her hit bottom.  Her lowest of low.  It's the best thing for her.  She needs to feel it.

nonmember avatar Douglass

I have to say this article is just cruel. I can understand being critical of actors who show up late, don't know their lines, etc but to ridicule a young actress in the midst of a downward spiral for freaking out over a FOUR WAY SEX SCENE is not a humane act. I think there is a good chance the reason she freaked is A) she didn't want to do the scene but felt she had to to extend her career nd B) she was abused herself and this triggered a reaction.

Leele... Leelee1008

shes got the potential to do it, but she needs to get her head completely together before signing on for very complex movies taht would make her uncomfortable or whatever it is she was freaked out about... maybe she should go back to doing kiddie movies!

Dawn Mumma

well she loses points for signing to a movie with a 4 way sex scene.. she gains points back from refusing to do it and getting fired from said movie. Sorry that is basically a soft core porn movie and while I am not a big fan of her, has she fallen that far that she has to do porn?

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