Kristen Stewart's Meeting With Liberty Ross Won't Solve Anything

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liberty ross rupert sandersSo remember Liberty Ross? The wife of Snow White and the Whatever director Rupert Sanders who had an affair with Kristen Stewart? Yeah, after keeping pretty much silent during the sordid drama in which her husband starred as douche of the century, she's now, allegedly, coming out from under that rock (where I, too, would've been hiding with the Friday Night Lights box-set and an IV drip of bourbon) and allegedly wants to have a good old-fashioned why'd-you-bone-my-husband sit-down with KStew. Ruh roh.

Liberty and Rupert have supposedly been going to marriage counseling to try and save things (the couple has two children together), and Liberty wants to hear Kristen's side of the story so that she can get closure.

It sounds to me like she doesn't necessarily believe Rupert's take on the affair because, um, why else would she want to hear what Kristen has to say? If Rupert's telling the truth, then Kristen will have the same story to tell. Clearly, Liberty thinks he's holding back, which, come on, why stay with a guy whom you'll never be able to trust?

Alllll that aside, I think it's pretty big of Kristen to agree to this supposed meeting of the minds. I really don't think she owes Liberty anything. If Liberty only wants to meet with Kristen to check up on Rupert's story ... I mean, it's not really Kristen's responsibility to prove to Liberty that her husband isn't lying to her, again.

I understand the need for answers, for all the answers, after someone you loves betrays you in the deepest way possible, but sometimes you really have to ask yourself what having them would accomplish. And if punishment is the purpose of the answer discovery, or if revenge is, then really, what's the point?

Kristen and Liberty should stay focused on their respective relationships with Robert and Rupert. No need to confuse the issue and make it a battle between the two women. It's not about them, but about the men they hurt/were hurt by.

Hats off to Kristen, though. Agreeing to meet is really brave but, as I see it, totally unnecessary.

Do you think Liberty and Kristen should talk, or not?


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nonmember avatar Bern

No there really is no point. i mean what would the questions be? why did you sleep with my husband? when did it start? how long did it go on for? In the end it doesn't really matter. He cheated end of story. But not for us females we have to know where, why, when, how. ect..... because we have to torcher ourselves with the info. Play it in our heads over and over again. She should save herself more heart ache and leave it alone. I Know from first hand experience all that info your searching for want make it better. I hope they can get past this. it will take time. It sucks being hurt by someone u love and trust.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

"I really don't think she owes Liberty anything."  Really?

If Kristen had NO IDEA that he was married and was as gobsmacked as Liberty was, then perhaps that statement would be true.  But that's not the case, here.  Kristen damn well knew that he was married and opted to carry on in spite of it. 

You say your vows in public for a reason.  Yes, the vows mean more to the people making them than the people witnessing them, but...

If sitting down with her can give Libery closure or solace then, absolutey, Kristen OWES her that after bieng 50% to blame for the destruction of her world as she knew it.

nonmember avatar twilighter

There is going to be a meeting. This is the same regurgitated story that has been done before- Rob wants to meet Rupert, Rob wants to meet Liberty, now we have Liberty wants to meet Kristen. Just rewritten over and over again. Thats what the celebrity gossip machine does.

nonmember avatar Le'Amber

It is totally. Ridiculous to be bringing this up AGAIN! I mean honestly, HOW many times can you people keep making money off old news in new ways? PLEASE, PLEASE, give us something NEW AND FRESH


Agree with BubbaJNL! The women who engage in affairs with married men ARE responsible for the significant others they choose to hurt!!! Stop making excuses for KStew's behavior and inconsideration, to say the least.

nonmember avatar Betty

What do u mean unnecessary for kristen to meet's very necessary indeed.. Just because u have some sort of a thing for the actress does not mean that she has done nothing wrong because those pictures proved otherwise. Don't u think?

Ad as for the "I really don't think she owes Liberty anything." What is your problem..of course Libby has every right...u would too if your husband cheated on u with someone u thought u could trust.

That fact that u think it was brave but unnecessary that she said's about time she truly faced the result to what she did with that idiot man. She had just as much to blame as rupert when it comes to the affair. You and everyone like u need to STOP making excuses for her..,she is old enough to know what's right and wrong...and clearly cheating with a married man with TWO children is considered wrong.

And stop with this shit...u call entertainment news

nonmember avatar sharon

Oh there isn't going to be any meeting,why on earth do they need to after all it has been over 6 months ago and people need to move on.The only people they need to answer to is their partners and nobody will ever know all the facts because none of the parties are talking about it and never will and most celebrities who have done much worse won't even own up to their transgressions but pass off a no comment.

nonmember avatar Mandi

I think that they'll both do what they want, and it's not our place to tell them what they should do. It's not like they care what you or anyone else thinks. You just post this crap for attention and people oblige and give their take because they're bored and don't have anything else to do ( including me ) I'm just really tired of this gossip crap, you wouldn't be in this business if it weren't for celebrities, so how about posting nice things instead of useless crap no one cares about? Just my take.

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