Sharon Osbourne Rips ‘Bully’ Lady Gaga a New One -- & She Kind of Deserves It

sharon osbourne kellyNot one to mince words, Sharon Osbourne ripped Lady Gaga a new one recently in an open letter she penned to the singer on her Facebook page. The letter is a response to some not-so-nice things Gag's has said about her daughter, Kelly Osbourne.

If you think it's a little ridiculous that a grown-ass woman's mommy is getting involved and attempting to fight her daughter's battles, you'd be right. But the issue definitely gets a little murky when you learn that Kelly's been receiving death threats, thanks to Lady G.

Oh yes, there are actually people out there who love a celebrity that much.

Here's what happened: A few days ago, Lady Gaga penned an open letter to Kelly on her LittleMonsters website, calling her a bully, being that her hosting gig on E!'s Fashion Police is pretty much one big celeb bash-fest. If you haven't seen the show, Osbourne, along with Joan Rivers and Giuliana Rancic, basically sit around, looking at photos of famous people, and cattily critique them. In her letter, Gaga wrote: "To see you blossoming into a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding." The letter goes on to talk about how Kelly is wrong for taking part in this kind of behavior, etc. etc. And Lady Gaga's fans -- because they're obsessed with her -- attacked Kelly in response to this letter. According to Sharon, people have said "libelous, slanderous, and vile comments about [her] family, including death threats to Kelly." Which is obviously messed up.

Sharon's very public letter asks Lady Gaga why she didn't choose to talk to Kelly privately, as opposed to going public with such words that would clearly incite her fans to rise up against her daughter. She has a point.

While I don't think Kelly's behavior on Fashion Police is the kindest thing in the world (and while I don't think Sharon needs to fight her daughter's battles), Sharon does have a point: If Gaga really wanted to "rectify" Kelly's behavior, why not talk to her privately? Clearly, Lady Gaga's fiercest fans are gaga for her, and will pretty much follow whatever she says -- she knew exactly what this would result in: An all-out anti-Osbourne campaign. Also, why single out Kelly? What about Joan and Giuliana?

At the end of the day, this is most likely because of a silly little tiff between Kelly and Lady Gaga (Kelly once said she thought Gaga was pregnant, because of her weight gain and undyed locks). Sharon really doesn't need to get involved. But at the same time, Lady Gaga shouldn't have made this so public. How can anyone fight against Lady Gaga's fans?

What do you think of this?

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nonmember avatar Cass

To be fair, I don't think gaga expected her fans to do that- especially with the whole anti-bullying thing. I think gaga is correct, and it's an unfortunate series of events. The correct response here would for gaga to call off the mob as best she can and for the two of them to discuss the matter privately in the future.

dirti... dirtiekittie

when did things happening on FB become news-worthy? when did media (not necessarily this article, but in general) start saying things like "so-and-so did not respond to a facebook message for comment". 

FB IS NOT LIFE PEOPLE. i think all of them should grow up and get off the internet for a little while and try interacting with someone meaningful in their life for a little while. and after all this ugliness, i think the three of them should get together and do some "we love bullied children" special event where gaga sings and kelly teaches them all how to dress like gray haired elderly people in 20-something bodies. that's the ticket! :/

Aeris... AerisKate

I think Lady Gaga is right on the money.  Maybe in hindsight she should have talked to Kelly in private instead of posting an open letter on her website, but what her open letter said was not ugly.  Yes, it called Kelly out for her actions on the show, but overall, the letter was rather positive.  She probably didn't realize that people would send death threats to Kelly.  Honestly, the way Sharon responded was a bit over the top.  Made her sound like a bully. 

nonmember avatar Mark

Kelly made all her comments publicly, nothing wrong with gaga saying anything to her publicly. while i agree with sharon about not wearing fur. Her husband bit the head of a bat so i don't see where she's going with this. Kelly has a twitter, everyone who has one knows people on the internet can be vile and disgusting. If she doesn't want to deal with shit then delete are quit mouthing off about other celebs (hello Xtina anyone?). Yes the little monsters can be vile, but expecting gaga to control what 32 million OTHER people, whom she doesn't know, tweet is just plain stupid. Next time Kelly if you chose to engagae in public ridicule, and for your sake i hope it isn't the beliebers, fight your own battles, a near 30 year old woman crying to her mama just looks stupid.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

Kelly is a VILE woman. She is constantly playing the victim card for being called 'fat' and being bullied, but she gets paid to criticize others. the show she hosts on E! is everything that is wrong with the world yet Lady Gaga makes a VALID point and her & her mother are outraged? Give me a break Kelly, you act like a petulant child.

RMT1995 RMT1995

I've seen the show. It IS bullying! How is it any different than if a four popular(-ish?) girls in high school went on TV to talk shit about their classmates and make fun of them for what they're wearing? Wouldn't they be disciplined for bullying? Hopefully they would ... all they're doing is telling those who watch that when you're an adult, it's OK.

And I'm not sure what age you should be when you should deal with your own problems and not call your mom in to speak up for you either, but I'm thinking she's at about that age.

Alexa... AlexandAsMom

I think it's a little ridiculous that Kelly's mommy has to come and defend her. If you are grown enough to go on TV and trash people's attire then you should be grown enough to defend your actions.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Mark you are spot on!! No need to comment.

^^^read Marks comment^^^

nonmember avatar Andrea Papke

Well I side w/Mrs. Osbourne on this one. I got a nasty letter from my Aunt. I waited till I cooled off in (2) weeks & than I phoned her. I was told it was a differenc in an opinion, & than she hung up on me. So I wrote about it on my contributor page, but out of respect to her- I did not use her name.

CPN322 CPN322

I agree with Mark as well. And Kelly's comment about Lady Gaga being pregnant was completely uncalled for. I'm sorry, why does anyone care about her opinion???? I like the Osbournes but I'm not really liking what I'm seeing from Kelly. For someone who used to be so insecure, you'd think she would never ever attack another person appearance :(

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