Taylor Swift's Breakup Song for Harry Styles Is Already a Hit & It's Not Even Written

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Taylor Swift Harry StylesWell, looks like it's about that time. Now that their whirlwind romance is officially over, it's the right moment for Taylor Swift to record a breakup song about Harry Styles, don't-cha-think?

Oh come on. People started talking about her penning a post-split anthem about Harry as soon as they started dating, so it's really not too soon for Taylor to go ahead and start writing some choice lyrics about her former One Direction flame.

And if the vague message she posted on Twitter is any indication, it sounds like a breakup tune is definitely in the works.

Taylor's tweet said, "Back in the studio. Uh oh..."

(Uh-oh, indeed. But I'm not sure she's the one who should be saying it.)

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little bit excited about this song, because you know it's probably going to rip Harry a new one (in a very subtle manner, of course).

Not that I don't like Harry Styles (I'm a closet One Direction fan) or anything like that -- I just happen to lurrrvvve it when Taylor tries to mend her broken heart through her music.

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And something tells me if she does release a song inspired by Harry, it'll probably be more in line with "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" than the sappier, much more heartfelt ballad everyone assumes she wrote for Taylor Lautner, "Back to December."

(Hell hath no fury like a woman dumped.)

If I had to hazard a guess, I'm thinking her Harry Styles breakup song's title will probably be something along these lines.

"I Can Do So, So, So Much Better"

"I'm the One That Got Away"

"Our Last Kiss Was Our Last Kiss EVER"

"You Were Too Young and I Was Just Stupid"

"Begin Again AGAIN"

"Anything You Can Sing I Can Sing Better"

"I DO Know I'm Beautiful"

"I'm Moving in the Right Direction"

"I Knew You Were My Rebound When You Walked In"

"My New Future Ex-Boyfriend Is Much Cooler Than You"

What do you think will be the theme of Taylor's breakup song for Harry?


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nonmember avatar Jenessa

"the one direction I'm headed is up the charts"

2cent... 2centsCDN

"Another Direction"

there... theresaphilly

If she can do so so so much better, won't she just go do it then.

nonmember avatar katie

"went in the wrong direction"

nonmember avatar Zoe

I knew you wanted another Direction

nonmember avatar MO Mom

After so many failed relationships at such a young age, I suspect that its not JUST the guys fault. She seems to love to play the victim.

kaity... kaitybird

I don't get it....How can she be such a role model when she goes through men the way she does?  Wait it is said that one of her songs is about him anyways...The one where I knew you were trouble when you walked in.....


2nino... 2ninos4me

she is a man-eater ! it seems that for her to get inspired to write a good song she needs to get with a man , date aka use him and then boom ! she gets inspired smh

her named should be "cold" because everyone's had her smh

nonmember avatar yumchima

tired of her.....go away!

nonmember avatar heather

none of the above
it should be:
we are never getting back together part 2

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