Lindsay Lohan's Last Chance for a Legit Career Was 'The Canyons' & She Blew It (VIDEO)

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lindsay lohanHere's the thing about Lindsay Lohan: She's talented. True, nobody really talks about her talent anymore -- because there are simply too many other things to talk about when it comes to LiLo -- but underneath all the drama and damage, she's a very talented actress. So talented that other incredibly talented and established Hollywood types have been willing to look past the drama and damage, or at least they were until recently. The Canyons, however, could change all of that. Scheduled for release "sometime in 2013," The Canyons was directed by Paul Schrader, who wrote Raging Bull and Taxi Driver and has directed 17 films. The screenwriter was author Bret Easton Ellis, best known for Less Than Zero and American Psycho.

They were warned about Lohan.

But Schrader believed she was perfect for the role of Tara, "a sensuous woman torn between two loves." He believed he could keep her under control for the three weeks it would take to film the movie. He was only right about one of those things.

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Lindsay's performance in The Canyons wasn't the issue, it seems. The issue was, as ever, her unpredictable, irresponsible, selfish behavior: The disappearing acts. The tantrums. The sleeping pills. The strange, stubborn choices. The crazy family drama (not her fault, of course, but not fun to deal with for everybody else).

And once again, here we are, NOT talking about Lohan's talent because there are simply too many other things to talk about when it comes to LiLo. And that really is a shame.

Check out this trailer for The Canyons and tell us ...

Do you think we'll ever talk about Lindsay Lohan's talent again?


Image via TheCanyonsFilm/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Katers

uh... Nope.

psych... psychofab

She's not the only one who appears to fail miserably in this film. 

cassi... cassie_kellison

I'm sorry but I never thought she was this amazing actress that every one else says she was. I like Mean Girls, but it was a funny movie written by Tina Fey, that is what made that a funny movie, not Lindsey Lohan. Have you really ever seen a movie of hers and though Damn! Shes gonna be big? No! Herbie? Please. If you look at her Filmography there are only like 5 movies I have ever heard of from her that even made money, but it was All her costars who did anything with themselves; Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Justin Long, Chris Pine. Uh yeah thats it, thats her movies.

 It seems that all of her costars have made names for themselves but she can't pull herself out of her own asshole to give herself a shot.

jhslove jhslove

I have to agree with Cassie. Mean Girls was good because it had an amazing script written by one of the funniest and most talented women in show business, Tina Fey. Lindsay Lohan did pretty well   too--it's not like she was BAD in that movie--but I think pretty much anyone could have turned out a good performance with the script and co-stars that she was given to work with. I have yet to see her in anything else where she turned out a really memorable performance as a gifted actress.

nonmember avatar Pip

I'm not big on Lohan, but damn was that NYT piece fantastic. Such an excellent article.

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

The NYT piece was so very good, I could not stop reading it.

tuffy... tuffymama

She is a terrible actress. She was terrible in The Parent Trap. I never could figure out the BFD about her. She's a gorgeous girl, but there are prettier and genuinely talented, who are NOT coked up, skanked out, broken down trainwrecks. I know her mom and dad screwed up royally, but she is well past the age of accountability. She needs to go, and let someone worthy take the spotlight.

missy... missybest

Sadly, she grew up to be a spoiled brat.  Cute little girl, but spoiled rotten.  People do become rotten - that isn't just an expression.  There is no reason they should be letting her do more movies.  What is the deal with Hollywood?  If you are working with a brat, etc., fire them!  Do not tell me there are not better people for the role with decent attitudes.  Real world lessons, which everyone needs to learn - even movie stars - talented or not!~

jhslove jhslove

Not to mention that the actress who was "waiting by the phone" in Paris--this could have been her big break and she probably would have put her all into the opportunity to prove herself. How many legitimately talented and hard-working actors and actresses never get that break because Hollywood continues to bend over backwards to employ lazy, mediocre people like Lindsay Lohan?

nonmember avatar Red teddy

I totally disagree with the author's opinion that Lindsay is a talented actress. Lindsay was good in "Mean Girls" but any number of young starlets could Have pulled off that role. Lindsay has never had enough talent to take on a really challenging role. She's never much diversity on the screen. When Robert Downey Jr.'s life went out of control the film industry continued to embrace him because he was a serious talent. Logan isn't a Portmanteau or knightly and she definitely isn't a powerhouse like J Lawrence. Lohan has never been anything more than an over-hyped B actress who only looks talented on the screen because she's acting next to Herbie.

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