Robert Pattinson Could Be About to Call It Quits With Kristen Stewart

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kristen stewart robert pattinsonNo matter the buzz that they may be on the market to buy a new love nest together in L.A. or NYC or London. And no matter that they're reportedly "having sex seven times a day!" (Bhahaha.) All along, it was probably only a matter of time before we started hearing talk that Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart were on the verge of another, very final breakup.

While the latest gossip isn't that they're actually, officially dunzo, what a friend of RPatz supposedly has to say to Life & Style doesn't seem to bode well for their relationship's outlook. Despite what we've heard, their London trip may have been filled with perpetual fighting and unhappiness. Buuuummer.

The friend says:

Things with them aren’t good. They’ve been fighting a lot. Rob isn’t happy. It’s just a matter of time before he ends this.

Eek. Sounds pretty rough. Granted, this could be a buncha bollocks, but if there is any truth to it, I dunno ... There's a very likely possibility that they are on the brink of a split. Because "fighting a lot" is one of the first indications there's probably no turning back.

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I remember when a friend of mine told me she broke up with her boyfriend of a couple of years. I asked what happened, and she told me how they were doing nothing but fighting .. ... about everything. It just wasn't fun anymore. Not that you should expect relationships to always be fun. There are always going to be off-the-charts happy times and incredibly rough patches. But when it stops feeling like you can or even want to make it work, because you're perpetually as miserable as Rob's "pal" makes it sound like he is, it must really be the end of the road. Sad.

But if these two really can't make one another happy anymore, maybe it is about time they call it quits -- for better or worse. (All things considered, probably better.)

Do you agree fighting all the time and being perpetually unhappy is a sign it's time to end a relationship?


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kelti... kelticmom

"They're back together! They're broken up! They just moved in together! They're getting engaged! She's wearing a ring! They have sex 7 times a day!" etc, etc, etc. Why don't you bloggers just admit that you know NOTHING about their relationship and you just pull stories out of your ass so you have something to write about? I am sick of the 5 plus blogs a day about them.

nonmember avatar Martha

Kristen should let things end why stay in a relationship were Rob always throwing the past in your face trust is important in a lasting relationship that is gone the trust go find someone that can trust you

nonmember avatar Helen


nonmember avatar Darlene

Rob should just leave her already!!! He would be better off with someone else.

Awma Awma

They'll stay "together" until the finally Breaking Dawn is out on DVD. Gotta squeeze as much money outta those Twihards. as they can...I still think it would be funny if when everything is "done" Rob says "SUPRISE!  I'M GAY!"

Course....I really don't care one way or the other.....leave them alone.....let them live their lives.

seely... seely1979

The main point is this! We really do not know what is going on between the two. All the articles we read are to slam the couple in someway or another. I am a hopeful romantic. I hope they make it work just to prove the media wrong. If they are truly serious than they should says so and stop all this nonsense. It has not hurt any of the other stars that have recently told the world they are together. Why are they so special? If indeed they are still together because they are waiting for the last drop of money they can make of the Twilight saga, then I feel sorry for them. They will be forgotten and life will go on.

nonmember avatar heather

If they are arguing or having problems they just need to stop ahead of time before someone really gets hurt. They already know ppl talk but if the ppl are telling the truth why would you stay in ot like that knowing you are unhappy. They both want to be happy just like other ppl and want to find love and happiness and maybe one day they will.

cmich... cmichlovitch

There is no way that a friend of theirs would ever talk to the  press, so anything you hear from a unidentify source is just made up.  It is time to stop slamming them.  From day one they made it clear that they didn't want their relationship to be public, so lets leave them alone.

nonmember avatar Megan Bray

i am not going to believe anything until i hear it from the people involved, RPattz and K Stew. all of you bloggers just shut up and leave them alone . let them work out their problems.

nonmember avatar ela

Both look like they are made for each other we really do not know what the problem is going on and every couple has problem. Fighting make more love. This rumours is just to make their relation complicate

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