Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian to Stay Far Away From Kris Jenner (Amen!)

kim and kanyeKanye West might be a godsend. He's obviously known it for years, but I'm now just coming around to the realization that the rapper might have been put here on Earth to relieve us all from the reign of the Kardashian empire. He's our savior, if you will. I mean, who else but a prophet would have the balls to stand up to Kris Jenner? Kanye was all "over my dead body" to the idea of buying a house close to Kim Kardashian's mother. He totally gets that she's the devil and must be usurped.

That woman runs every part of that Kardashian empire and there's not a doubt in my mind that she's meddled in Kim's relationship with Kanye and taken her involvement to a highly inappropriate level. Anyone who can put their foot down when it comes to Kris is a real gem.

But think about it -- if Kanye keeps Queen Kris at bay, what will happen to Kim? Will she ditch Kanye for the cold, hard clutches of a Momager who won't let go? Or will she follow Kanye into the promised land? And if she does, in fact, stick with Mr. West, I have a feeling that would be the beginning of the end for the Emperor of the Kardashians.

Without their beautiful, bootylicious mascot, they'll be powerless to keep our attention.

History will prove that Kanye's invasion on the family monarchy will only be rivaled by that of the Visigoths, and his success in taking down the world's most powerful woman will prove to be the end of reality TV and the E! network as we know it. He'll be hailed at first a villain, then a hero.

I say, onward Kanye! Our future is in your hands.

Do you think Kris is too involved in Kim and Kanye's relationship?


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nonmember avatar Naomi

uh.. Kris hasnt done anything wrong. She doesnt meddle? She makes jokess... ?

nonmember avatar Melissa

Yes Kris is in everyone's business/ relationship all the time. She's too noisy needs to mind her own business & focus on her own relationship

Mamab... MamabearC

She'd sell any one of her kids to the devil himself if an interview,money or magazine cover was involved so she's already not on my "Great Parents' list.

But to some point I get it. As moms, we always want to be in our kids business.(Though usually that's because we have their best interest at heart and to protect them; instead of,say...get in their business so you can pimp them out more). However there comes a point in your child's life...like when they are ADULTS, that you just have to stand back and give them room to live their lives.You can be involved in their lives WITHOUT having to be in complete control of every aspect like Kris J.is...I get that she's also their manager but she makes it obvious that her 'manager' job has priority over her 'mother' job.Kudos to Kanye if he can succeed in getting Kim away from that.

gypsy30 gypsy30

I'm not a Kanye fan at all, but I'm even less of a Kris Jenner fan.  She basically prostitutes her kids out to the highest bidder.  She's a disgusting disgrace of a parent, and a person.  I agree with Mamabear.  Kudos to Kanye if he can get Kim away from some of that.

jinxmom jinxmom

I agree with mamabearc

hexxuss hexxuss

I can't say I even remotely LIKE Kanye, but I'm with mamabearc - kudos if he can free Kim from her smother, I mean mother.

nonmember avatar TeeCee

i just wonder if KIM would be able to stand on her own two feet without her mom or will this eventually cause a big problem with her & kanye ....

TeeCee7 TeeCee7

I just wonder if KIM can stand on her own two feet without that mom of hers & if this will eventually cause a rift between her & kanye ....

nonmember avatar Lenett

Yes stay away from her at all cost's.

nonmember avatar BobB

Remind me - who are these people? And why should I care?

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