'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Rating Means We’ll Get All the Sex We’ve Been Hoping For

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movie theaterSo we may not know who is actually going to play Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele just yet, but day by day, more and more details are leaking about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It's no shocker that, of course, there's going to be plenty of steamy lovemaking scenes in the film adaptation of the popular book. But the big question: Just how much are they gonna be able to show in theaters?

BIG NEWS! Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter that's working on the film adaptation, finally revealed the movie's rating to The Sunday Times. Prepare yourselves, because by the sound of things, we're about to get a WHOLE lot of Christian for our overpriced movie ticket.

Ready for it? NC-17! In other words, the highest most extreme cautionary rating a movie can have before it's pretty much classified as porn and outlawed from movie theaters. Ow OW!!

You know what this means, don't you? There's going to be sex, as expected, and not just that subpar kind of vampire sex we saw in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I'm expecting to see a lot of the things E. L. James writes about in the book. The blindfolds, the nipple clamps, those silver balls he's always talking about that drive Anastasia wild.

With that said, though, is this going to be pushing the envelope too much? I can't help but wonder: is watching something potentially this graphic around other people going to make audiences across the country feel uncomfortable? I'm hoping that, despite the intense rating, the movie is done with class. I think we can all agree that Anastasia deserves at least that.

What do you think we'll see in the NC-17 rated Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


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nonmember avatar Shannon Elisa

To the person who said Desmond Harrington should play Christian...i didnt know this was perfect until you said it.

nonmember avatar chrlene

Cant wait for the movies to come out. But with that said, I believe who plays both Ana and Christian should be already a couple off screen otherwise it will just cause problems for that person(s) real life relationship. Since its getting an NC17 rating, that means real sex ppl. It should have the two actors playing these parts, whom the books were based on,playing in it. I know ppl dont want that but a whole of ppl do, the non haters that is, myself included. Rob & Kris should get these parts since EL James wrote these books based on them. Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar kimberly

Im actually excited to see...and i agree with everyone cant we all be mature adults about it.

nonmember avatar Marie

Should be interesting as long as Ian,Matt or Henry DO NOT play christian. Almost anyone else would be okay.

nonmember avatar Brithney

I am so excited!!!! I can't help myself. I figured that it was going to be rated NC-17, if it was any other rating the movie would not be as true to the book. The book is a mature book therefore the movie should be as well. I think the fact that it will be a very VERY steamy movie makes it exciting, to see how the whole movie will come togther. But parents don't be bringing your kids it's not a trip. And I encorage Couplesto go. Men you might learn a few tricks from Christian ;)

jamie... jamiellangley

I think that Lyndsy Fonseca would be perfect for the role of Anastasia Steele. She has all the phsical attributes; hair, eyes, lips. Not to mention that she is pale but not to pale. She is shorter but all together healthy looking. She has played roles that make her weaker and stronger. She has played roles that allow her to do some minor butt-kicking (the scene with Jack Hyde). Look her up and let me know if ya'll agree!!

nonmember avatar mya Lovelace

i myself own the trilogy and cant wait to see the movie and i myself dont want to be dissapointed i read passages to my boyfriend and best friends and my love life is awesome its hot and steamy i want to see ian solmehandler and alexa vega play the roles of christian and ana but like they said if we can be adults the movie will be a good experience take a significant other who knows what will happen when u get home :-)

nonmember avatar Sameer

Wtevr man, Indian audience won't accept it.

Hadis Nasimi

Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder!
This guy can act and he is hot. Trust me he is best suited for this role. He looks rich and can express all the emotions described in the book on his face. He has the Grey smirk, smile, body, and charm.

nonmember avatar Jan

This Movie is going to be a flop just like twilight. The box office is going to peak all time ratings the first week then it is going to nose dive right next to the joke that is now twilight.

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