Anne Hathaway Deserves No Oscar This Year ... But This Actress Does! (VIDEO)

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fantineAnne Hathaway got an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress everybodeee! For her incredible performance as Fantine, the tragic prostitute in Les Miserables. It's over. She wins. Because! Of the Hollywood Great Actress Equation:

Major physical transformation + making everyone cry + convincing accent and/or singing = OSCAR FOR YOU.

So, Anne can haz Oscar now? She lost all that weight, and she cut off all her pretty hair, and she even made snot. She made snot while singing, people! That's super-acting. Right?

Not so fast ...

This is an award for acting. Not for cutting your hair or starving yourself or even singing. And it's not an award for allowing mucus to run down your face, either. That Anne Hathaway did all those things does make for a compelling performance, that's for sure. But does it make her a great actress?

What about Sally Field in Lincoln? That actress had to hold her own against the formidable acting genius Daniel Day-Lewis (who is going to win best actor, so don't even bother showing up, the rest of you guys). Sally's Mary Todd Lincoln was annoying sometimes, exasperating, and then inspiring, and then calculating, and then arrogant, then passionately indignant. Sally Field showed impressive range and gave a complex and not always likeable character humanity and depth -- and that's acting, folks.

Oh yeah, and she had to gain 40 pounds for the role, which I think is scarier than losing weight for a role. But that's neither here nor there.

Anne Hathaway's performance was impressive. I'm a big fan. And she'll probably win, too. But if I had a vote, I'd award the Oscar to Sally Field.

Who do you think will win the Oscar this year?


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linzemae linzemae

I thought Anne was amazing is les mis and is very deserving of the Oscar. She was the only one is That whole movie that held my attention.

missusmc missusmc

Agreed.  Anne will win, but Sally SHOULD win.  She was amazing in Lincoln, plus she's not putting herself out there and lobbying for the award the way Anne is.

mande... manderspanders

I think, too, that Sally Field had to fight for that part, because of her age... For her to have that kind of performance, she surely does deserve to win.

lulou lulou

Ive only seen the movies in the animated catagory.  Wonder how many other moms thats the same for.  Thats kind of sad.  But really did like Paranorman.


I'm in awe of your statement "had to hold her own against DDL".I don't know how old your are ,so you might be a "youngster but Sally is an Oscar winner herself. For all your praise ,you really sold her short.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Anne Hathaway moved me to tears. I felt something watching her. I mourned that she wouldn't see her daughter again. She made me believe.

She should win and deserves to win.

nonmember avatar Seraphine Flore

Although, I am a fan of Anne Hathaway, I agree with the article completely. SHE was very good at exuding drama outwardly. But it didn't have the quiet depth of Jackman's performance or Sally Field's, in "Lincoln". Ms. Hathaway felt to me like she was trying too hard outwardly, and in the process, was not able to lose herself as well as the others. You all may have been moved to tears, but I was numbed by her over the top drama, so much so that I felt nothing. And I am usually a person, who, everyone around me says, feels too much....

Anyway, in my opinion, the true mark, again, of a good actor, is not so much doing all the extreme outward stuff, but more, the ability to go away, truly quietly, on the inside. Ms. Hathaway, unfortunately, in all her effort, did NOT accomplish this.

laure... laurenemb

Seriously? Because Anne sat there and looked pretty while singing I Dreamed A Dream. OH WAIT, SHE KEPT ACTING. Just because you can't appreciate the subtle and refined acting chops it takes to act while singing (like breaking down in the middle of the song in heaving sobs) doesn't mean Sally Field should win. And OF COURSE SHE HAD OVER THE TOP DRAMA. Fontine loses the man she loves, has to send her child away, gets fired, has to sell her body, teeth and hair, is essentially raped by these men who want her body, gets consumption and dies without seeing her daughter ever again. But let's act that "subtly."

I'm not saying Anne should, but don't diminish her performance.

Seraphine Flores

Laurenemb, I'm not diminishing Ms. Hathaway's performance effort in anyway.  I'm just saying that underneath all the outward drama, she herself did not go away enough, inwardly. And it is because I do appreciate the true, quiet, subtle refinement that are the marks of truly exceptional acting, I can say, that while a great fan of  Ms. Hathaway, she did not deliver an Oscar-winning performance. (And by truly exceptional acting, I'm talking about the ability to truly go away on the inside, to such an extent, that you erase your own personality, inwardly.) For this, you might look to Hugh Jackman, who *was* able to lose himself inwardly, even while exuding the equally dramatic harshness of his circumstances.  (And singing at the same time! :D)  While watching his performance, I wasn't thinking, "That' s Hugh Jackman doing such a beautiful job on Jean Valjean.".  Because for me, he wasn't Hugh Jackman anymore.  But while watching, Anne Hathaway, I only kept feeling Anne Hathaway doing such a beautiful performance of Fontine.  Sally Fields was also able to accomplish what Hugh Jackman did, along with Daniel Day-Lewis, of course. In short, Anne Hathaway, while a very talented young  woman, needs a few years under her belt, to acquire the ability for such an inward "disappearing" act.  Laurenemb, maybe you might consider, that people other than yourself, might have the ability to perceive that refinement and subtly in "acting chops", can go deeper than what makes you feel.

Seraphine Flores

P. S.  Anne Hathaway *will* win the Oscar this year, not because she's the more deserving nominee.  But because this year, she bares  the "sweetheart" status/popularity factor, that much too often, wins awards these days.  Or call it her good karma.....:D .  Either way, things don't always work out for who is most deserving in life.   Still, congratulations in advance to her, for winning the Oscar! :D

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