Olivia Munn 'Kanyes' Taylor Swift at People's Choice Awards & It's Not Pretty (VIDEO)

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Man. Poor Taylor Swift just can't seem to catch a break, can she? She's about as unlucky in love as a girl can get, and based on what went down when she accepted her People's Choice Award for Favorite Country Artist last night, it's clear that her track record for awards shows hasn't improved one bit.

OMG. I seriously had to hide my eyes after watching Olivia Munn pull a Kanye on Taylor when she came on stage to accept her award -- that's how awkward their little exchange was. And yes, I know Olivia was just trying to be funny and all, but it was still tough not to be really, really embarrassed for Tay-Tay.

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In case you missed Olivia refusing to hug Taylor and taking her award right out of her hands -- you're in luck. The whole thing was captured in this video clip.


Yikes! "This is your lot in life, Taylor." Yeah, that had to sting just a tad, no matter how funny it was supposed to be. And unfortunately, things only got worse from there. The video cuts off before Taylor left the stage, but as she exited, did you happen to catch what song magically came on?

Yeah, it was a One Direction's "Live While We're Young." (Oh, no they didn't!) My jaw dropped when it came on, so I can only begin to imagine how mortified Taylor must have been. Way to throw a fresh breakup right back in a girl's face!

I don't know what everyone in the entertainment world has against her, but Taylor was the brunt of quite a few jokes last night. From host Kaley Cuoco making some crack about her being elected as President of the United States (which actually isn't a half bad idea) to Adam Levine going on and on about how he couldn't find a sincere word in his brain because Taylor used them all in her speech (or something to that effect) -- last night simply wasn't Taylor's night.

Oh well. Maybe she'll have better luck at the Grammys this year. But she might want to think about waiting 'til the day after the show to break up with whomever she happens to be dating at that point. And to be safe, maybe she should just accept any awards she wins via satellite.

Were you embarrassed for Taylor last night?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

are you kidding me? she had a bunch of fellow celebrities up there talking about her when she wasn't necessarily up for the award. she's cute and wholesome and seems to roll with the punches well, so i didn't take it that way. granted, olivia munn has become awkward since leaving G4 (apparently she's funnier when she has better writers, go figure) and that whole thing was a debacle. olivia munn doesn't have the comedic chops or fame to pull that stunt off. and as for the one direction song... well don't they select the playlists weeks in advance? maybe the song was selected when they were still dating and producers thought it would be cute. i'm sure they could have changed it at the last minute, but who knows. i won't buy into the conspiracy of throwing a break up in her face just yet. 

and this is far more conversation about an award show than i want to have for the rest of the day. lol


I thought Taylor Swift handled the whole bad joke very well. I have no idea who Olivia Munn even is other than the girl who looked like an ass trying to show up Taylor Swift.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I could tell it was a joke, but the first 15 minutes of that show was just painful with the bad jokes and forced dialogues. I DID happen to catch the song selection, and I told my husband and he looked at me like I was nuts. It was painful and funny. I'm not sure which more of. I turned it off pretty shortly after that.

candy... candyw210

I love Taylor Swift! The only reason why people make fun of or talk crap about her relationships is because she has the balls to write them into songs. There are plenty of people who go through many relationships before they find " the one" Taylor just writes her experiences into her music; and it's working because she is such a hit! Kanye and this other ditz are jealous because she is so young and far more famous and successful  then they are! Keep doing what you are doing Taylor because it's working! Myself and my daughters are huge fans of hers and will continue to buy her music. When her songs come on we sing and dance around the house lol! My 5 year old who shares the same name loves her and says she will always be her biggest fan lol!

MrsIm... MrsImperfect

Oliva Munn is considered a comical person. Shes been in movies and G4. It was "funny" at first but she over did it trying to be relevant still. It was apparent Taylor was annoyed but handled it well. Shes the butt of all relationship jokes cause she goes through men like water. But she is young and thats something young people do...

nonmember avatar Jeansnbootsgal

It's called jealousy people! She's awesome and they can't stand it! She paved her own path her own way. Good for her. The best songs come from our own life experiences. Keep on keepin on Taylor!!

nonmember avatar Applesauce

Taylor totally deserved the joke-as awkward and poorly done as it was. Her songs are more or less all the same at this point, and have become completely unfitting to the genre ("Country") she totes them under.

sand008 sand008

Olivia Minn looked like an ass. She made herself look bad

nonmember avatar Amy

Another silly article. Is there anything that is just funny anymore or does everything have to turn into a big "I'm so offended" article? It was just a joke. Get over it.

nonmember avatar Hung Likeahorse

What a stupid article. Another making of something from nothing.

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