'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Shocking New Nude Photo Scandal Won't Be Her Last

Jenelle EvansOnce was scandalous; twice was mildly surprising. But now that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is caught up in yet another nude photo scandal, it almost seems like par for her scandal-ridden course. Except the extremely obscene shot leaked this time cranks things up a bit.

Here are the details this time. The leaker of the photo is, not surprisingly, her former boss and generally sleazy-seeming troublemaker, James Duffy, who has been threatening to leak the explicit old photo of her for some time now. She claims he tried to sleep with her, and they've been engaged in ongoing feud for the past year, both filing cyberstalking charges against one another at point.

So today for some reason, he decided to hit hard, and released a VERY graphic picture of Jenelle totally nude and pleasuring herself. Click at your own risk.

Um, yeah. That's more than just a run-of-the-mill nude picture, no? Along with the picture, which has since been removed, he wrote: "Jenelle, l didn't have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy."

Can you say creepy?

No, Jenelle isn't an angel, and she's definitely done her share of slamming him as well. But Duffy is twice her age -- 40 freaking years old --and needs to get a life. Her youth at least gives her somewhat of an excuse for the reckless behavior that led to such pictures ever being taken in the first place (girls, don't do it!). He just looks pathetic.

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She seemed pretty resigned about the whole thing and tweeted in response to a follower's question after the picture was posted, "No it’s getting kinda old … I mean that’s all the ammo he’s got?! it’s hurts my loved ones.. That’s what hurts."

Later, however, more nude pics of Jenelle started circulating, and then she got pissed. She tweeted, "I'm very very upset wtf why can't anyone leave me alone."

Which is kind of laughable since in most cases she totally asks for all the backlash she gets by putting herself out there and pretty much begging people NOT to leave her alone. And if she'd get the hell off of Twitter and stop engaging people like Duffy, it would certainly help. But she didn't deserve this, and neither does her son. Unfortunately, there seem to be so many nude pictures of her floating around that this likely won't be the last nude picture scandal for her even if she has learned her lesson (a BIG if) and never poses for one again.

Do you find this photo shocking? Do you feel bad for Jenelle?


Image via MTV

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Ang9403 Ang9403

No its not shocking, an I will never feel bad for her.

XxPix... XxPixiesworldxX

She makes terrible decisions and is not a good mother, however this man is an adult that has serious issues. Bullying is never ok, never. She is a person with feelings and people constantly taking about her negatively surely has an impact on her. You can't justify the way shed is treated just because she names bad life choices.

flowe... flowerfunleah

The photo never shows up when you press the link

Samfan97 Samfan97

Although I don't feel sorry for her, I agree that this man sounds like a bully. She needs to learn a lesson about not letting people take pictures of her nude or in compromising positions. I don't have a mom either but it doesn't excuse poor decisions.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i don't feel sorry for her. is he a bully? it sounds more like he's an emotionally stunted idiot who doesn't know when to leave things alone. i'm sure neither of them are innocent in this fracas, but the bottom line is even if he IS twice her age, they're both still legal adults. 

and to answer jenell's stupid question  - "why won't anyone leave me alone?" because you won't get out of our faces dear. 

Jennifer Svendsen

I think that ths young woman has some major psychiatric issues (and I think she is BPD and not Bipolar btw) and this 40 year old man is a total douchbag for exploiting her like this. Jenelle needs some serious professional help and she had better get her shit together soon so that she can get on with her life and be a better role model to her son... Things can still get worse for her if she doesn't. I pray for her's and Jace's sake that she does.

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