Kris Humphries Gives Kim Kardashian a Taste of Her Own Medicine by Delaying Divorce

kim kardsahin kris humphries
In "happier" times.
They say the best revenge is living well, but if I'm Kris Humphries, I'm thinking that, actually, the best revenge is to make my divorce from Kim Kardashian a Herculean task comparable to making a two-footer from the baseline. Rumor has it that since Kim announced her pregnancy with Kanye West, Kris is more motivated than ever to drag out their official split.

Interestingly enough, it all starts with Kanye West's father ...

According to Now magazine, Kanye's dad is very Catholic (can you qualify a religion? whatever) and is desperate for Kim and Kanye to tie the knot before the baby gets here so it's not born out of wedlock.

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Can't you just feel Kris Humphries rubbing his delicate hands together as he develops his egomaniacal plan to prolong the divorce as long as possible? I sure can, and it's awesome.

Kim needs a taste of her own medicine. She totally turned Kris' world into a soap opera and now it's her turn to feel what it's like to have someone toy with your life. The marriage was all a game to her and poor Kris was swept away by paychecks, stardom, and the death grip Kris Jenner had on his balls.

I don't blame him for turning the tables on Kim. Two can play at her game. Can't wait to see how this all plays out, but knowing the Karashians, it won't be too long before this is made into an episode of reality TV for our viewing pleasure. Score!

What do you think?


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nonmember avatar daisy

Totally agree.she created this mess and now she's paying for it. I always felt sorry for Kris because it was obvious that she planned the wedding and just got someone to stand in as a groom

worki... workingmama86

Kris is an immature prick. He is the one that caused all this drama to start with. Can't wait to see this prick's karma come around... 

Jscot... Jscott1216

Personally they both need to grow the eff up! He needs to just divorce her and move the frick on and stop acting like a petulant child, and she needs to stop jumping into marriage and relationships like a kid jumping into a pool. Relationships aren't a game but these two treat them as if they are a game of monopoly or checkers. They need to grow up!!!! And seriously people need to STOP talking about them!

pjbarbie pjbarbie

He is a grown man in charge of his own destiny - he screwed his own life up.

It's very very sad to watch someone make a complete jackass out of themselves - the longer he clings to Kim the more pathetic he is

cmjaz cmjaz

He says that if she admits the wedding was a sham, he'll annul the marriage immediately. But she wont. Do it. Btw, doesn't Kanye have children already? Or not?

nonmember avatar Melanie

Kim is a slut and a whore. She wanted to be married so bad. She knew what marriage was about since she was married before Kris. She's just mad that she can't control him. Everyone bows down to Kartrashian but not Kris Humphries. Besides, the slut shouldn't have got knocked up while still married.

nonmember avatar Lala

Personally I don't think Kris is trying to make Kims life miserable or anything like that_dude just wants an annulment n just coz Kim can't close her legs he's not just gonna let go of something he wants just coz she's preg

Texas... TexasGirl512

I'm with Lala on this one. Plus Kim reaps what she sows!

nonmember avatar Janet

I think that you really don't know what you are talking about, so....Kris H. knew he was getting involved w/a Kardashian so he should have run when he had the chance. I can believe that Kim got so caught up in the wedding that she forgot it was a marriage, not just a party. He should let it go, he's the media whore now...

nonmember avatar Tonya

Haha. I think this is awesome. He's had his heels dug in and I don't blame him. He is demanding the truth. Plain and simple.

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