Brandi Glanville’s Sit-Down With Scheana Marie Played Us All for Massive Fools

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When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville walked into Lisa Vanderpump's SUR lounge to confront waitress Scheana Marie about having an affair with her now ex-husband Eddie Cibrian in the shortest, tightest black dress money could buy, I thought, Yes, Brandi, yes. You're the awesomest.

Then, after it all went down, I was like, No, no Brandi, you're not the awesomest. She told Us Weekly that she felt really anxious about the sit-down and changed her mind several times before finally deciding to meet with Scheana, and after bearing witness to that atrocity, I think I know why.

Brandi wasn't worried about pathetic Scheana with her terrible under-eyeliner, disco nails, and Wet Seal outfit, no. She was probably worried about the fact that she was an accomplice to one of the worst tricks Bravo has played on us to date.

I felt bamboozled. Swindled. Flabbergasted, and not just a little bit dirty after the Brandi-Scheana showdown.

And not because of the exchange -- I was happy as a clam watching Ms. Glanville tell it like it is. It was like the Bethenny Frankel, Kelly Bensimon "I'm up here, you're down here" talk, only without the palpable craziness and spite.

It was what occurred just after the sit-down that made me stare at my TV like this: o_O.

(Sorry, they say a picture is worth a thousand words -- I had throw down an emoticon there.)

The cameras didn't follow Brandi out of the restaurant but instead followed Sheana into the kitchen where suddenly and without warning, I was watching an overly-glossed Vanderpump Rules.

I mean, here I was settled in for what I thought was a two-hour RHOBH only to be hoodwinked into watching (the first five minutes of) Lisa's new reality show about the slutty people who work at her restaurant.

It stung.

And I hope Brandi only hesitated about meeting Scheana because she knew she'd be the lynch pin of Operation: Cross Promotion and that it just didn't feel right to her. How could it? It weakened her show. It made the Housewives play second fiddle to Lisa's new venture. It made it seem like there's some sort of connection between their lives and the lives of these actors/waiters the producers have hired to create Hills-level fake drama on a show about tanned people sleeping with each other by day, taking food orders by night.

Obviously, this has inexplicably gotten to me. I guess I just reveled in the denial that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were, you know, real. Now I just see them for what they are, a tool to sell ads, because clearly the producers came to Brandi and Lisa and said, Hey, we got this great idea how to weave in Vanderpump Rules ... Brandi, what if you met with Scheana?

And the rest is scripted history.

Did you feel swindled by the RHOBH transition into Vanderpump Rules?


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Sbrad... Sbrady8208


I absolutely did and turned the channel as soon as I realized what was going on! I was looking forward to 2 hours of RHOBH!  

fleur... fleurdelys3110

If you thought you were gettings 2 hours of RHOBH, you clearly weren't aware of their advertising campaign. Bravo made it clear what they were going to do; you weren't "hoodwinked".

nonmember avatar ThatGirl Creesh

Who cares how they did it....u just hoodwinked me by making me think something more had went down to with Brandi instead ur talking about a new show....just stupid wasted my time reading this whole thing and u were talking about nothing either wth that's why I never open these thinks on Facebook bc they are always crap....i opened bc I love Brandi....gosh ur irritating think of something better to post geesh!!

RoxStetz RoxStetz

I agree with you.  I was disappointed, and although I adore Lisa, I have no interest in the dolts that wait tables at her restaurant.  I wanted to hear from Brandi, I wanted to see RHOBH.  Sad. 



nonmember avatar Andrea Rodrz

I thought it was smooth! And if you weren't aware that's crazy for not seeing all the promo's for the show, that goes back at least a month and a half!! Stop complaining and if you have to, it should be about that blond one from Vanderpump Rules! She going to mke a joke of the whole show!

nonmember avatar Alice

It really was a disappointment. Brandi is off her rocker -- we all know that. But I love her, I feel for her and I'd want to hang with her if I were her age and 10 feet tall. She cracks me up. But yes, she's a bit of a mess (being kind here), and she's been through a lot, publicly. Personally I would never consent to an on-camera confrontation with someone who had an affair with my husband because it can never go well, and it didn't. I don't know that it gave Brandi clarity because at this point, she shouldn't even be thinking about him. Cibrian is old, bad news and now he's Leanne's problem. Used to love him on Third Watch -- now, meh. Sheana obviously doesn't get it and can't get past her own hurt at the cheater being cheated on. When you're the other woman, you're the other woman -- you have no claim to pain when you then get cheated on yourself. None whatsoever.

nonmember avatar Alice

Sur -- well, I think this show is going to do the restaurant more harm than good. Living in L.A., I thought I might check it out but now there's no way. Lisa should have higher expectations for Stasi, not lower because she's her daughter's friend. Very poor management skills, Lisa. Or maybe she finds that bad behavior amusing? Stasi is unattractive, obviously lazy and has a bad personality. She should be sitting in the unemployment line or hustling on Sunset Blvd. By the way, the waitresses obviously think they're hot -- really? They looked kind of skanky to me. Just saying . . . .

nonmember avatar EGS

I totally second everything ThatGirl Creesh said! You tricked us into thinking this article was actually about something. And how a RH blogger could not have known what the game plan was last night, maybe you should start watching Bravo promos or visit their website or something. What's the emoticon for embarrassed - because you should be!

nonmember avatar caz

wow you must be dumb if you didnt know the second half was VR. As for being tricked, I mean, chill out and quit taking it so seriously ffs! both shows are trashy light entertainment. Jesus christ :/

nonmember avatar Beth

I agree with your assessment of this sly switcheroo to Vanderpump Rules. I usually DVR the housewives and fast forward thru commercials and while I was aware of Lisa's new show, I didn't realize that the first episode would be disguised as hour 2 of RHoBH. I love Brandi and I think she handled herself well with Scheana, but I felt that the way the the show morphed into Vanderpump Rules kinda cheapened the whole thing, if that's even possible for a reality show. I had to turn it off as soon as I realized what I was watching. I love Lisa too, but her show has nothing to do with her and awesome life and business, but rather a bunch of Hills wannabes.

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