Miley Cyrus Cuddles 'Harry Styles' in Bed & Taylor Swift Is Not Gonna Be Happy


Miley Cyrus Harry Styles

Wow. That was fast. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have only been broken up for like five seconds, and already women are taking advantage of the One Direction member being back on the market.

Check out this photo of Miley Cyrus in bed with Harry Styles -- well, a cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles, that is.

Miley and her sister decided to have a little fun with cardboard Harry, so the two of them hopped into bed with him, and of course, Miley posted the photos to her Twitter account.

And she must have gotten backlash from enraged Harry Styles fans who thought she was making a play for him, because soon after posting the pics, she followed up with this tweet:

"In no way do I want Harry. No offense. I'm sure that'll be a story now 2. I'm happily engaged. Just got saucy with a cardboard cut out."

Whew. Glad we got that cleared up. For a minute there, I thought maybe she had kicked Liam Hemsworth to the curb in an effort to trade him in for Taylor's seconds. (Eye roll.)

Miley's certainly not the first girl in history to get jiggy with a cardboard cut-out (not that I'm speaking from personal experience), but still, it is interesting that Harry Styles happens to be the fake dude she chose to pose for pictures with.

I mean, it's no big secret that he and Taylor Swift are in the midst of a very public breakup right now, so it's kind of hard not to take Miley's little prank as a bit of a jab at Taylor. I'm sure that's not what she intended at all, but still. If another major pop star hopped into the sack with my cardboard ex-boyfriend, I'd probably be slightly unnerved by it. (I'm just sayin'.)

What do you think of Miley's Harry Styles stunt?


Image via Twitter

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What do I think of Mileys little stunt? More like what do I think of you thinking it was a jab at Swift. Seriously? There was no stunt,there was a pic. You kinda sound like the girls getting riled up over the pic of Harry only your allegiance belongs to Swift. You sound just as silly.

ashle... ashleyhomenko

Lol it's just a card board Harry. What's the big deal?

randamda randamda

That's really funny. I never thought much of Miley as an actress but when it comes to personality I definatly think she beats Swift any day. I just hope this doesn't find its way into a drama filled song, lol.

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