Matt Bomer May Be the 'Best' Christian Grey but Ian Somerhalder’s Move Changes the Game

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Ian SomerhalderNot sure if you've heard about this one quite yet, but there's a Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming out. Wait, what's that you say, we rarely if ever at all talk about it or its casting? I know, right, it's something that we really ought to discuss a little bit more. So I'm doing you a solid and bringing up, for the first time ever, EVER, a poll about the top contenders fans want to see play Christian Grey.

And you probably could never predict who the fans picked.

On Monday, MStarz revealed the never-before-heard, totally unforeseeable news that too-hot-for-words Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder have yet again come out on top for casting polls.


But Ian had to go and put a brand new twist on this formulaic banality. Looks like he really, really, really is into all the hype surrounding him and this casting. And why shouldn't he be?

There are far worse things in the world than to be considered sexy and good-looking enough to play one of the sexiest and good-lookingiest characters in all of fiction. And then to fake kinky, bondage-y, mind-blowing sex with a lovely, innocent-looking, lip-biting female costar? Yeah, definitely far worse things.

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Also, in case you're curious, these two hunks of humanity were followed closely by Henry Cavill, who will star in the upcoming Man of Steel, and dear god no wonder we talk about this all the damn time because wow hehe it's fun to gawk at photos of all these guys.

Arrhem, um, excuse me, anyway, that's why Ian took it upon himself to stand out from this coveted list. Mostly because, it seems from the comments, Matt's got the upper hand. "Matt Bomer is the best fit ... He has a square jawline, piercing eyes, a straight nose, a nice body ... and a classy, professional look fit for a CEO,” said one fan.

"Two words only. Matt Bomer," asserted another.

Poor, poor Ian! So, after drying his eyes, he did what he had to do: Go on Twitter. He attempted to get fans excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, offering his followers to be part of a raffle to win Ian's very own(!) copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, along with a "personal note." With a gift of $50 or more to his charity, you'll get a chance to win!

Shucks, what a standup guy (nice charity twist there, buddy), and what a way to appeal to fans of the franchise and to keep his name in the headlines as a top contender. Maybe some good will come out of this ridiculous amount of hype and speculation and worry after all.

As of now, just do yourself a favor and Google Image all these dudes. You're welcome.

Do you think Matt should play Christian Grey? What do you think about Ian's move to keep himself in the game? Are you sick to death of hearing about this?


Image via MingleMediaTVNetwork/Wikimedia

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nonmember avatar kasey

Ian Somerhalder is PERFECT for Christian Grey! At least A LOT of fans want him to have the role and he has interest in it. THAT'S A PLUS!

aneela aneela

Ha ha well he is in with a chance til the cast is why not go for it.

nonmember avatar Nina

yeah Matt may have the look, but he has 2 have the temper brought on by Christian's insecurities and protectiveness/jealousy. I definitely c that more in Ian. Ian has the piercing eyes, too. Henry Cavill would b great, too.

nonmember avatar Michelle

MATT BOOMER has been my christian grey since day one.Ian is hott but i see Matt boomer playing and fitting the part so well

nonmember avatar Chanene Stockma

I dont know which poll they were looking at, but every poll that i have seen, Ian is the front runner by far. He has my vote by 100%

brown... browneyedgurl24

Ian all the way!! He's been my choice since the beginning!

nonmember avatar Bridget

Personally speaking, Ian is a better fit for Christian in my mind. Matt is publicly homosexual. I have absolutely NOTHING against this what so ever. However, I would prefer a straight man playing Christian in 50 shades. I think there would be better on-screen chemistry in the film. Sorry, gals!

nonmember avatar Michele

I think it's pretty pathetic this keeps being an ongoing thing. And I don't know WHERE the info on here comes from, since it's been clear in ALL polls from the beginning that Ian's consistently been the frontrunner! Sure, everybody had their favs, and Ian might not be everyone's first choice-clearly not the people on here-but he's pretty much had it locked down for a while now...and a great many things point to that. As for his ”stunt” as you call it-I think you're taking it somewhere it was never meant to go. He does A LOT of charity work...even set up his own foundation, which he's trying to raise money for. He knows he has a lot of fans...most of whom are pulling for him to get this role! So he's using that to his foundation's advantage and giving HIS FANS the chance to receive a special memento that combines two of their passions with his biggest passion...his foundation! And it's not as if this is the first time....he's presented plenty of other-NON 50 Shades related-offerings to fans who donate to his foundation and causes he cares about! So please, the rest of us would appreciate you giving him a break, and readers the WHOLE story, instead of sniping to keep interest & debate going. Because even if that's not what you're actually trying to do, it seems as though it is. Thank you.

nonmember avatar Tonya B

Ian, hands down. Matt is gorgeous in his own right, but Ian has more of that 50 Shades look in his eyes. Besides, Matt was in Magic Mike, let Ian have this one.

nonmember avatar Teri

I definitely think Ian has the look and hope to see him win the role, but I am not completely convinced he can pull it off. I really hope so.

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