'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Gives Scheana Marie Exactly What She Deserves

Brandi GlanvilleFirst of all, let's give Bravo props for using The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a dramatic and seamless introduction for its new series Vanderpump Rules tonight. Just when we were reeling from the whole Brandi Glanville confrontation with Eddie Cibrian's mistress Scheana Marie, all of a sudden we were watching the new show. Nicely done.

The person who really deserves props here though is Brandi. If I wasn't totally Team Brandi before, tonight sealed the deal. She handled Scheana with complete class and composure while still letting her know who was boss. The best line was when she said, "Look at where you are in your life and I’m in such a better place. I win. You know what I mean." Bam. That's exactly what you want someone who f*cked your husband to know.


Brandi had little sympathy for the obviously fame-hungry girl, and wasn't about to let her play the victim. She told her, "If anyone is going to cry here, it's going to be me." But she was also smart and fair enough to acknowledge that the real person at fault here was Eddie. "You can't steal a man; they have to be ready to go," she said.

She did show her vulnerable side and let Scheana see how truly devastated she was by the whole thing, which she needed to see. Brandi was also clearly hurt and surprised when she found out that one of their friends who had said he didn't know about Eddie and Scheana did know all along.

She ended things by accepting Scheana's apology, even giving her a little pat on the shoulder, which was more than she deserved. She told her she'd say hello when she saw her, good luck, and she left. It was perfect. As for Scheana, she came off like a fame-hungry opportunist who was trying to muster up some tears and look sorry without messing up her caked-on makeup. Whatever. I wish she hadn't gotten the airtime, but I was glad to see Brandi get some kind of closure.

In other news, did Adrienne Maloof really blame her marital problems on Brandi? She sure seemed to when she said that whatever it is Brandi said about Adrienne has "caused more issues than she knows", and that it has put a strain on their relationship. Please. If it's the whole surrogate thing we all assume it is, then I don't see how that would affect their marriage. It sounds like she's just looking for someone to blame. I'm guessing that's the foreshadowing to when we finally start to see their relationship, which we know is doomed, start to falter. 

As for Yolanda Foster, I guess she is still on the show. But why?

What did you think of the way Brandi Glanville handled the confrontation with Scheana Marie?


Image via Bravo

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