'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Probably Should Call Off Her Wedding After All

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Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraSo it turns out Catelynn Lowell threatening to call off her wedding hasn't gone any further. The Teen Mom probably isn't eloping. But she is getting sick of waiting to marry long-time love Tyler Baltierra.

Considering these crazy kids have been engaged for two and half years already, you can't blame her for wanting to get a move on. Come the big day on July 15, it will be almost three years since Tyler put a ring on her finger. That's nearly double the time the average engaged couple waits to get hitched!

But is it really wise to suddenly slam on the gas? Honestly?

What have they got to lose?

I know, I know, just yesterday I said that from the fan perspective, we all want to see Catelynn and Tyler's TV wedding. And sure, they've probably done a whole lot of work on said wedding that could be for naught. Not to mention all those deposits! Romantic as it sounds, eloping can be a big, fat pain in the butt.

But let's step away from the fan thing for a minute, OK? Let's talk about these two lovebirds as if they're regular old people, not reality stars!

We tend to act like the wedding is what makes a marriage. Not true at all. The wedding is just one day that can often end up igniting family feuds and/or nearly bankrupting someone.

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So go ahead. Skip it. Have a day that's really more about you and your "person" than all the hoopla because, guess what, the guests are going to leave. That religious figure at the front of the room is going to go back to his or her congregation. And you two are the ones who are going to be in it for the long haul. It's YOUR marriage.

Oh wait, think it will cause a family feud to elope and you just don't want to risk it ... but you still don't want to wait? Go ahead. Elope, then turn around and do a wedding just to have fun and celebrate.

The point is, Catelynn and Tyler agree that they hate waiting and want to get married now. So why should they let a little thing like a wedding get in the way? It's their marriage, after all!

And heck, maybe if we focused a little bit more on marriage itself, we wouldn't have that 50 percent divorce rate everyone yammers on about.

What do you think? Is it really such a bad idea to elope if you can't wait for the wedding?


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Bruic... Bruickson

My husband and I were engaged for over 3 yrs. We got engaged in July 2005 and had just picked our wedding venue. Then a couple weeks later hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed the place( the Jefferson Davis home). We had planned a big wedding for November 11, 2006 but ALL of the places we had considered were destroyed. Finally we decided to elope in March 2008 and I'm so glad we did. We saved a ton of money and our wedding was beautiful. We got married at a little chapel in the mountains of Tn with only our immediate family there. It was stress free and I could really focus on enjoying it. Everyone I know that has had a big wedding has said they wished they had eloped because it was so stressful.

JessL... JessLogansMommy

I was engaged for 3 years and by the last year I really wanted to just elope because I didn't want to wait anymore.  I thought that I had wanted a year to plan without school but it turns out planning is boring and I had zero interest in it! 

aneela aneela

I don't know what these guys should do but whatever they end up deciding I hope they are happy

kellynh kellynh

Best of luck... Whatever they decide

Anime... AnimeGirl123

If you want to elope then elope it really isn't such a big deal anymore. Then when you are ready then have a wedding. The important thing is you love each other isn't it.

Spooky80 Spooky80

i dont get why catelynn wants to rush and get married so quickly all of the sudden I bet she's pregnant again or something 

Kaybean Kaybean

What on earth are you talking about Spooky? Did you not even read? They have been engaged almost 2.5 years and together for like almost 5. How is that rushing???

nonmember avatar BethanyG

I only recommend eloping. I had my entire dream outdoor wedding planned and I got so fed up with other people stepping in I cancelled the entire thing and went to Mexico and ha an amazing wedding with 5 other people and it was all about me and my husband! I hope they elope so everyone will stay out of their business!

nonmember avatar Angela Starcher

My husband and I were together 5 years before we were married and 3 of those years we spent engaged...good luck to them both!!

tamul... tamullen607

With my first wedding, we had 1 year and 8 months from the time he asked me (after we had been together for a year) and we said "I do" in a nice wedding. The marriage lasted 6 years.  The second time around, we got engaged on December 12, 2006 (on the phone) after being together for officially 5 months, and got married at the court house on January 12, 2007. We'll celebrate 6 years on Saturday.

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