'Real Housewife' Vicki Gunvalson Gets Snow Whiplash & Suddenly It’s Headline News

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Vicki GunvalsonThe winter months are the perfect time for a little ski getaway. The open slopes, cozy gear, warm hot cocoa in the ski lodge ... the whole nine yards. Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson recently went on a little ski trip of her own with on-again, off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers and Heather and Terry Dubrow, and unfortunately, she had a little spill. Gunvalson was allegedly cut off by a snowboarder, lost her balance, and then tumbled face first down the mountain thrashing her neck. The Real Housewife did manage to get up and finish the course, but as a precaution, she was sent to the hospital by the ski patrol via ambulance.

Whoa, sounds like one scary ordeal. A spill like that can't be fun for anyone. The part that gets me, though, is that even after she tumbled down the mountain and got whiplash, she finished her run. Now, photos of her being taken away by paramedics are all over the Internet. Sounds like a classic media hungry Housewife to me.

Again, it's not like I don't feel bad for Vicki and I'm glad to hear she's doing well and everything is all right. In my eyes, though, this is the thought process behind this story hitting the media: her season of Real Housewives is currently off the air, any press is good press, and suddenly photos of her being carried away are everywhere, which someone from her team had to clear to go online.

It doesn't surprise me, and in true Vicki form, it's go big or go home. Vicki is the person who spoke with TMZ about her fall days after the fact. She was the one who told them that she was a trooper who managed to finish the ski course because, well, she's just strong like that. Lucky for her, now she's home recovering from a bad case of whiplash and will live another day to make headlines. Here's hoping to a full recovery, you little media vixen you.

Do you think Vicki is speaking out about her fall to find sympathy?


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coppe... copperswifey

I didn't hear anything about it. I'm sure she is milking it to get attention. OC is my favorite housewives and Vicki is the only original left. She's a little wacko, but that is why I like watching her :)

quinn007 quinn007

At most ski resorts if you take a bad tumble, especially one in which your head or back is involved, or if you complain of pain, they will send you to the hospital. 

Bob192 Bob192

It wouldn't surprise me!

nonmember avatar micki

WHO cares....it all a act for the public..

nonmember avatar joanne hester

I never heard any thing about it, I do hope Vickie is ok. I know she can be all kinds of crazy but I like her, she stood up for Alexis when everyone was thought they had to let Alexis know how fake she was, it wasn't done in kindness or constructively. Ya Vickie for calling the others out on their fake bull session.

nonmember avatar catlady 123

Vicki does everything over and above what is called for. I'm sure she used the accident to get everything from everyone and will be pissed at those who didnt give their all to her. That is Vicki, and she is not as great and wonderful as she thinks she is. I hear she is ok and that is what is important.

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