‘All My Babies’ Mamas’ Drama Is One Big, Degrading Reality Show Trainwreck

Shawty Lo and his crew
You already know there’s something wrong with a reality show called “All My Babies’ Mamas” just from the title. Whenever you refer to something en masse as “all my,” it implies there’s a whole heck of a lot of whatever it is, and that’s what rapper Shawty Lo has in the way of women who’ve birthed his brood of children. Ten. Ten mothers for 11 children.

While you’re processing that, think about this too: obviously somebody either double dipped or double birthed, but it also means almost a dozen women decided this dude was worthy of condomless sex and co-procreation. (Yikes.) If that doesn’t make you squeamish, consider that it will all be splayed out in a ridiculous comedy of tomfoolery on Oxygen for public view. (A resounding yikes again.) Unless the change.org petition circulating right now puts the kibosh on it before it even debuts.

Shawty Lo has just barely squeezed out enough music to make himself a career in hip-hop, so he resorted to the ubiquitous Plan B: shuckin’ and jivin’ on the reality show chitterling circuit. The thing hasn’t even finished production yet and already, it’s being met with a tangle of controversy. The petition, launched by family activist Sabrina Lamb, has more than 20,000 signatures on it and outraged and outspoken public figures have taken to their favorite form of media to decry how the show portrays black families.

The concept of it alone is a scalding hot mess.

I actually think there’s a little insult in there for everybody associated with this mess—black women, all women, black men, all men, black mothers, all mothers, black fathers, all fathers. It’s even an abomination to babies and little kids. The press release describes the plot as “the man of the house splitting his affection multiple ways while trying to create order” and then adds the insight, “sharing your man with several opinionated women is bound to create issues.”

Funny that the same network that pumps out “Bad Girls Club,” which is MMA for half-naked angry chicks, and “Snapped,” highlighting women who become murderers, often in the heat of combustible situations, is also masterminding this mess, which is just one big ol’ combustible situation in and of itself.

I signed the petition. If enough of us cry foul whenever networks try to capitalize off of debauchery, maybe they’ll be less debauchery to cry foul about and creative development will stop even conceptualizing crap like this right here. So far, Oxygen isn’t giving up the mission to put this exploitative trash on the air. Every network is trying to make their money, but making it off the backs of children and the adults who don’t seem to know better is over the line. Way over it.

Which reality shows do you find offensively excessive?

Image via Oxygen

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Bob192 Bob192

I think it's sad that reality television has come to this!!  Really!!  I feel bad for them and I'm not on the show.  What about those kids.  They will be forever tormented over this.

spect... spectralmind

I bet a lot of people who are up in arms abut this have no issue watching Honey Boo Boo and other shows of a similar nature. It is especially tasteless, but being a "Redneck" is now an empowering term... maybe the same will happen to "baby momma." Too far too soon? Give it a few years.... lol.

miche... micheledo

What's the big deal.  There's the show of the polygamist family.  This group just doesn't live together.  If one is ok and works for them, why isn't this?

Tasha... TashaStar81

This show is what's wrong with society, having babies by multiple people out of wedlock, it's best not to watch this show at all.throwing up

nonmember avatar Upenzi

There are already shows like this in existence. I think the only commendable thing about this one is that at least he's taking care of the kids. I think the title of the show could have been something else but "baby mama" is how we as black people identify failed relationships involving kids, so I understand why it's named that.

nonmember avatar Richard

I guess the truth hurts. I know a few black men who are like this, go out and have multiple partners and multiple babies mommas. They use them, IMO, and they feel empowered by having them. It's disgusting. And it ends up with half-brothers and siters, who don't know that they are related, having babies.. It's a plague in our ghettos and it's only getting worse. Imbreeding just makes more sick people.

nonmember avatar Shauna

I can't believe there is actually a petition to stop this show. I am so sick of people trying to censor everyone else. If you don't like the content then don't watch it. If you don't want something like this influencing your kids, then don't allow them to watch it. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!! Learn how to run your own life and stop trying to run everyone elses.

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