'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Should Not Have Sleepovers With Her Son

Jenelle EvansThe four stars of Teen Mom 2 are the queens of second thoughts. If it's not Kailyn considering moving to Texas, it's Jenelle rethinking moving in with Josh so fast (ya think??). I guess when you're young, it's easy to jump in with both feet and rethink the whole thing.

Sadly, as parents, there are no second thoughts.

Chelsea knows this. She spends all her time grieving over the loss of Adam, though. She may be a good mom, but second thoughts about Adam? Should be BANISHED. He is awful. Still, she had good news tonight. She passed two parts of her GED. Truly, it's impressive. She has worked hard for it. But Chelsea wasn't the drama of tonight.


Kailyn was in Texas visiting her half-sister she'd never met before as well as family members she hadn't seen in a long time. She was even sort of talking about potentially moving to Texas (good luck getting that idea across to Jo).

But even THAT wasn't the major drama of the night. Leah and Corey spent this episode trying to decide if they want to get back together. This time it actually was Corey being so unfair to Leah. He was suggesting they get back together only because she was with someone else. Unfortunately, it seems like he is jerking her around. Leah handled it well, but let's hope he doesn't pull this forever. Maybe it's just divorce growing pains?

But even Leah wasn't the MAJOR drama of the night. Nope. That honor belongs to Jenelle (surprise, surprise). She is a heartbreaker, that Jenelle. You can always tell she has a good heart and WANTS to do so well. But every part of her body and soul somehow rejects any opportunity she has to get it right.

She is on and off her meds. She alienates boyfriends, moves too quickly, and asks for overnights with Jace before she has even figured out her medication and living situation.

She is broken-hearted that she can't be with her son, but she needs to be a responsible grownup before she can be with Jace. Barbara has a lot of issues, but she is doing right by Jace by limiting his time with his mom. She isn't ready for full-time parenthood. By setting limits, Barbara is keeping her grandson safe from his irresponsible mom.

It's heartbreaking to watch as it's clear Jenelle loves Jace. But she has a long, LONG way to go before real motherhood is in the cards.

Do you think Barbara is in the right to keep Jace from Jenelle?


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