'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Have No Business Eloping

Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraTeen Mom fans, we have a problem! Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are flirting with the idea of eloping. Reality TV's cutest couple could actually deny us their wedding. How dare they?

We've been stringing all our hopes on this couple making it against the odds. The beautiful moment of seeing them get hitched is ours gosh darnit!

I am kidding. Sort of. Catelynn and Tyler may be reality stars, but that doesn't mean the public owns them.

That said, it's hard not to feel like we're the proud parents watching these two, and we want to see the wedding!

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These two have really made us fall in love with them because -- despite the absolute worst of odds -- they have done so well. There's something about watching a kid whose dad is an addict who can't stay out of jail and a girl make it even though her mom gave her such a poor example of how to be a grownup that just fills you up with happiness inside. Catelynn and Tyler give us hope! They make us feel like good things happen to good people.

So unfair or not, we can't help feeling a wee bit of ownership over their story, at least enough to want to see it all through. And after the rumors of a TV wedding, you'll excuse us if we're disappointed by rumors of the couple eloping.

Catelynn put out a tweet to Tyler suggesting that they just get this show on the road because, as she says, she's tired of waiting. He jumped right on board:

@CatelynnLowell Hell yeah! #letsdoit #younglovecanlast

Let's just hope they're joking!

Would you like to see Catelynn and Tyler's wedding?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar linda

it would b nice to c their wedding but it's their choice and i will respect that and wish them much happiness.

mande... manderspanders

I really hope you're not serious.

They don't owe anyone anything.

coppe... copperswifey

I would like to see it, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't. I just hope they are happy and would love for them someday to have another baby again. I think they will make great parents! :)

Randi... RandiBear

I would love to see a company step in and give them the wedding of their dreams and a nice honeymoon, filmed or not. These two are so sweet and they struggle so much. The idea of eloping might be in part because it is so expensive to have even the most basic wedding dress these days and it's not like they throw money around.

devsm... devsmom98

I too would love to see it but its their choice..I would also love to see MTV pay for the wedding since Catelynn and Tyler brought them such good ratings..

120177 120177

  congrates on both of u. have funpuppy

nonmember avatar Liliana

Please do, C&T. I would love to be able to avoid watching the wedding on MTV. Tyler feels trapped, no amount of sweet tweets changes that reality.

nonmember avatar Liliana

I would prefer to see either of them finish college or intelligently investing their money from the show first. Those motivational speeches won't bring in the dough forever, especially because they cut down their audience by being strictly pro-life...

nonmember avatar Ella

They have no business getting married period......ever!

Teri_25 Teri_25

Wow, good to see everyone is down on them for being young. Just because you get engaged and married young doesn't mean it won't last. Its hard, yes, but if both are willing to invest 110% in the relationship, then I see no reason to be down on people for marrying young. I married at 20, been married for almost 8 years now.

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