Brandi Glanville Gets Rid of Her Wedding Dress -- But for a Wonderful Cause!

brandi glanvilleI've heard that when you're feeling low, you should do something for others. This "helping out" thing is supposed to make us realize that if our biggest problem is that our ex-husband's new wife just bought a mansion, our lives really aren't so bad. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville gets that and decided to give back -- she shared on Twitter that she donated her wedding dress to a "soon-to-be Army wife" and hopes the gown makes someone very, very happy.

After the rough few months that Brandi's had, it's no wonder that she's purging her closest and donating items that don't necessarily jog fond memories anymore.

Between her epic fight with Adrienne Maloof, the stress of a possible lawsuit stemming from said fight, the fact that LeAnn Rimes is hoarding her children (after she hoarded her husband), and the snowball of fame that can't be stopped, I'm sure Brandi's feeling a teency weency overwhelmed. And as everyone knows, there's no better time to clean out a closet than when your mind is a mess.

It's really great, too, that Brandi's turning a negative into a positive. I'm sure seeing that long, white gown was a physical reminder of her marriage that ended so badly. But now, she's handed it over for someone else to wear -- someone else will make new, positive memories in that beautiful dress and the cycle will be broken.

Love, too, that she made sure the gown went to an Army wife. I bet whomever gets it will adore the strapless, A-line dress with sparkly details on the bust.

As for Brandi, I hope she uses that new found empty space in her closet for something that brings her a lot of happiness. Think Ken Vanderpump would be willing to chill in her walk-in for a few weeks?

Would you ever donate your used wedding dress?


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purpl... purpleflower514

I did donate it. I didn't really like it that much to begin with so it was no big deal to me.

coppe... copperswifey

Sure! I have should have done that with mine. I ended up throwing mine away. :/

nikol... nikolita87

I am hanging onto mine. I'm an extremely sentimental person and who knows maybe my daughter will want to wear it (although I would never pressure her to.) If I got divorced I would probably donate it though

mleil... mleilanim

"Hoarding her children after she hoarded her husband"....really? Really? How long have they been divorced? Get off LeAnns back already. Look at Angelina? Same thing with considerably less amount of backlash. Why? Move on already.

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