‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s Talk About Wanting Kids Is a Huge Turn-Off (VIDEO)

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Bachelor Sean LoweBachelor Sean Lowe is just starting his first season as the Bachelor tonight on ABC. But Lowe is already about 10 steps ahead of the "finding love" portion of his process. He is already begging to impregnate a woman. 

OK, OK. It isn't QUITE that insane. But it's pretty close. Lowe is all about the babies. He says he wants kids and that is a huge part of what he is looking for. Hell, that's OK, right? We are all allowed to say what we want and don't want. But let's flip it. What about if a WOMAN said this?

As women we are taught that nothing is less sexy to a man than a woman who is all about her biological clock. Mention how badly you want babies and he is out the door in three seconds flat. Fair? Hell, no. But it's real. So why should men get a better deal?

Personally I don't think it's any sexier when a man talks like this too fast. Babies and talk of babies should come AFTER the relationship has been established. I guess it's OK after a certain age to be honest about the fact that kids are somewhere in your dreams, but to say they are imminent? Just seems presumptuous.

Kids are great. They can add a lot of value and love to a marriage. But they aren't the be-all, end-all of life. They grow up. Wouldn't it be better to know that you love your spouse above all?

It has always bothered me when I see women (and apparently men, too) settle into mediocre marriages just so they can have kids before their ovaries run dry. Are we really so hard up for kids that we will settle for any man? And if so, how does that make the man feel? That sounds like the recipe for a pretty crappy marriage.

Look, we all have dreams for our future and I am sure Sean Lowe is no different. But wouldn't it be better to find love that is so strong it makes you want to make children? And then wouldn't it be better to have that love be so strong you WANT to see that person and set a strong example of love and respect?

Guess what: If you are 10 steps ahead, it's hard to make that happen. If a woman is only looking for a sperm donor, she isn't looking at the man. And a man looking for an incubator isn't looking for a woman.

But hey, good luck to Lowe and all his ladies. I am sure their love will last. Like all other Bachelor couples.

Do you think it's bad to talk about babies so early?


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Madel... Madelaine

I dont think so.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

No, it's not. I like to establish what kind of person I am, my interests, goals, etc. early on because if what I'm looking for doesn't match you, we're both going to wind up wasting our time.

coppe... copperswifey

I don't think so. I never wanted to have kids at all, now I have 3 of them. Sometimes things and people change. What you believe in something now doesn't mean you will believe the same thing in the future. :)

nonmember avatar Wendy

Let the man say what he wants to say. And the same goes for women. The show hasn't even aired yet and your starting with the drama.

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