Justin Bieber Visits 7-Year-Old Fan in Hospital & Ruins His Bad-Boy Image Overnight

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justin bieberOh that Bieber. Maybe he had us fooled with that bad-boy image he's been milking lately, what with the pot-smokin' party rumors and the tattoos. But just when he's coasting on the new, dangerous Biebs, he can't help slipping up and being a nice guy. While in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bieber visited a 7-year-old fan in the hospital.

Millie Flamm is fighting leukemia. She had hoped to make the concert in Salt Lake City, but she suffered a relapse and had to sell her tickets. Her friends rallied around her and campaigned for Justin Bieber to visit her to make up for it. And he listened! Can you even imagine how much this must have thrilled Millie?

Bieber sang her a song while holding her hand, and then he gave her a guitar pick. "It was incredible, he was so sweet to her," Millie's mom Amanda said. And there's this heart-crushing photo of Justin kissing Millie on the cheek. She has the brightest, happiest smile you can ever imagine.

And now Bieber's image is ruined! The bad-boy image, I mean. No amount of pot smoking (not that he really IS toking, I'm just saying) could ever possibly erase the goodness of that photo. The real Justin Bieber has been exposed. He's got a sweet, mushy core! Justin, you cannot escape your true self. Stop trying to be the male Lindsay Lohan. You are: NICE! Own it.

Or maybe it's just the effects of being surrounded by so many nice Mormons in Utah?!? Am I being naive? Was it just a publicity stunt? No, I wanna belieb in the Bieber!

Anyway, I feel like Justin's struggling to find his grown-up identity. And he's in that insane Hollywood hall of mirrors, surrounded by too many people who say "yes" to him. Does he even know what real adulthood looks like? I hope so, and I hope he lets the compassionate side of himself grow.

Do you think Justin Bieber will survive his growing pains and turn out a decent guy eventually?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Madel... Madelaine

Good for him!

coppe... copperswifey

I think he is a decent guy and for the most part a normal teenager. He is always doing nice things for his fans that have cancer. I know some of it is for his image, but I also think he does it because he does have a big heart. I'm hoping the stuff he is doing now just stays minor and doesn't turn into major problems for him down the road.

stara... starandseen

That is a really nice thing he did, but the other side of him is that he wants to be a badboy. He got tattooed up and drives a Ferrari, not to mention he tweeted he was working out to get sexy for the ladies. How big is his ego, I wonder. He should tone down the swagger and new badboy attitude. I wonder what his friends think of him now, especially that best friend Ryan who was in "Somebody to Love" video.

melis... meliscool72

It is nice for him to do that for a child like that. There aren't many out there that do that for them. However, if he wants to get sexied up for the ladies, why in the picture you posted with his badboy tattoos, why is he trying to look like a girl? I mean the shirt, the shrug the pearls and the earings, does he not know that if he wants to dress up for the girls he is not suppose to take the "Dress" part of dress up literal?

I mean get a suit get someting that is actually sexy for a man to wear and pull those pearls out immediatly and take that pearl necklace off. He looks like a Dyke in this picture, I am not trying to be mean, but it is true.

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