Marie Osmond's Daughter Marries 10 Days After Getting Engaged -- What's the Rush? (VIDEO)

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marie osmond rachael blosilMarie Osmond's 23-year-old daughter, Rachael Blosil, married her boyfriend Gabriel Krueger in Park City, Utah on Christmas Day. Gabriel, a fashion designer who studied at the Illinois Institute of Art, met Rachael, a costume designer, in Chicago a little over a year ago. He reportedly proposed only 10 days prior, on December 15, on the Santa Monica Pier. The couple's very intimate ceremony took place in a cabin as only close family looked on. Marie sounds like she couldn't be more thrilled for her daughter. She tells People, "I have never seen Rachael look happier! We welcomed Gabriel with open arms into our loving family." Aww.

Not to be a total skeptic, but there's a lot of evidence here (they're relatively young to tie the knot, they were engaged for just 10 days!) to lead us to believe there may have been some shotgun-iness goin' on ... 

Hey, it's possible. OR -- they're good Mormon kids who couldn't go another year without having sex?!

Who knows. As long as they're happy, right? And as long as Rachael doesn't end up having a track record like her mother's when it comes to marriage. Oh, sure, Marie is happy once again with her first husband, Stephen Craig (who she married in 1982, divorced in '85, and remarried in 2011 after being married and divorced to Rachael's dad in the interim). But what a tumultuous, ever-so-slightly Elizabeth Taylor-ish love life!

So no matter what the reason is for her getting hitched so quickly to her fashion designer beau, let's hope Rachael got it right the first 'go round.

Why do you think Marie Osmond's daughter married so quickly?


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sukainah sukainah

As long as they are happy, then I don't think it matters why they got married so fast after the engagement.  Perhaps they've been discussing it before then and wanted to marry on a special day.

Madel... Madelaine

As long as they are happy.

nonmember avatar Rach

It is not uncommon in the Mormon faith to have very short engagements, usually a few (2-3) months.

apoll... apollothor

I don't care about why they married so quickly.  It's none of our business.

coppe... copperswifey

I have no idea what would cause them to get married so quick. Hopefully she doesn't rush into it and regret it later on :)

Courtnut Courtnut

Being Mormon, its a requirement Haha.

Nelli... NellieAthome

My gods Maressa - can you be any more nasty and sleazy? You take a nice thing - two young people in love and getting married and....

First you insinuate that there are reasons for them to be forced to get married

Then you compare Marie Osmond (brief marriage of 1 year to husband #1, 21 years with husband #2 and then remarriage to husband #1 - two men, three weddings) to Elizabeth Taylor (adulteress, home wrecker,  seven men, eight marriages and eight divorces with the longest marriage lasting 10 years)?????

I know you are paid to write this drivel but have you no shame????

nonmember avatar A

Im not sure why she would get married 10 days after getting engaged especially since this her 2nd engagement this year. I remember Marie tweeting pics early last year saying she was engaged to some guy named Bart and they were supposed to get married last October (12)... But I guess Marie is just any other parent and is supporting whatever makes her daughter happy.

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