Bethenny Frankel Files for Divorce & Keeps It Classy

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Bethenny Frankel and Jason HoppyWell, I guess that's that. Just about two weeks after announcing their separation, Bethenny Frankel has filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy, making the official ending to her Bethenny Ever After love story a very sad one.

Bethenny filed a summons for divorce in New York City earlier in the week, according to court records.

And while no one was really shocked after hearing the news that Bethenny and Jason are parting ways since there had been rumors of an impending split for quite some time, it's still seems like the process is moving along a bit quicker than expected.

Right after the news of the separation broke, there were reports that Bethenny and Jason were still living together in their New York City home. But then a source said that Bethenny took Bryn to Aspen over New Year's specifically to give Jason time to pack his things and move out of their pad.

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And now we have the news of the divorce filing -- so it looks like the marriage really is over -- and Bethenny is one step closer to being a single woman. (And all that happened over the course of a couple weeks. Whew.)

Love her or hate her, however, you have to admit that Bethenny is keeping things classy with how she's handled the split thus far.

She issued the following statement upon the announcement of their initial separation:

This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family. We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter who is and will always remain our first priority. This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.

And then just yesterday, Bethenny tweeted out a thank you to her friends and fans by saying, "To those of you who are being supportive: thank you. To those of you who are judging: I totally get it."

Aww. That makes me kind of sad that she feels the need to address those who are judging her right now. (I mean, she's even being gracious to her haters, which speaks volumes about her character.)

Going through a divorce is hard enough as it is without attacks from random people who think they know you and everything about your relationship simply because they've watched you and your husband interact on TV a few times.

Bottom line -- nobody knows what really went wrong between Bethenny and Jason except Bethenny and Jason, and neither one of them should have to explain or defend their decision to go their separate ways. (Period.)

And Bethenny's exercising a hell of a lot more restraint than I would if I had people judging me in her situation.

Were you surprised to hear that Bethenny and Jason are divorcing?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Nope. Selfish. Ya know she had a miscarriage not that long ago (sad) but why on earth would you try to have a kid if your marriage wasn't sound?? Thy haven't been married that long so basically their marriage hasn't been good for a very long time. It doesn't happen over night.

there... theresaphilly

Here is the crazy part, I don't even know who they are.

arpazia arpazia

I have no idea who they are either!

I do agree that it is beyind stupid to have a child when the marriage isnt stable.

A baby is STRESS omg stress and if the marriage is rocky that baby sooo isnt going to help....





nonmember avatar Mary

Love Bethenny. Hope she and Bryn will be okay. I can't even imagine the pain and sadness that this brings her, especially when people who know nothing about her life feel the need to judge her. Hold in there Bethenny, Bryn needs you to be strong now more than ever, you will be okay.

Miche... MichelleK41

Surprised no since the media can not stay out of their business. I think they will make good friends to each other and will probably reconnect later further down the road when all the famous hype chills down.

Owlto... Owltotemmom

I would never judge a couple who decided to divorce... Famous or not.

The fact is, no one except the two in that marriage know the "real story"...

The media can try all they want to decipher the "why" of it all, but again...

Until you have walked a mile in their shoes...(you all see where I'm going with this).....

I wish nothing but good things for this family...:)

Together or not.

nonmember avatar ruthless1

From watching the show, it seemed to me like much of their problems had to do with the fact that Jason was always trying to change her and was very unaccepting of the person she was. Many times he stated that his way was the right way because she was "screwed up" her opinion didnt count. As screwed up as she may be, she is the same person he chose to marry, so using that as a way to get a leg up in arguments is really low and shows a basic lack of respect. He was also the one pushing so hard for a second child and I suspect that the attempted pregnancy was her trying to pacify him ( yet again). It is sad that it didnt work out, especially since a child is involved, but I think it is bad to be married to someone who doesnt respect or even seem to like who you are and is constantly knocking you down or trying to change you. I hope B can find someone who loves her for who she is and nothing more. Jason was not it.

Kaymad41 Kaymad41

I don't know who these people are!

tuffy... tuffymama

I'm not calling it "keeping it classy." Divorce is not classy. It is an unfortunate necessity when one is partnered to a cheater, a beater or an addict. Otherwise, divorce is selfish. Period.

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