Angelina Jolie Wanted Colin Farrell but Had to Settle for Brad Pitt

angelina jolieAmid rumors that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married over Christmas, there's a greater, even awesomer rumor circulating about what could've been. Sources are claiming that Angie only settled for Brad after her first choice, Alexander co-star Colin Farrell, turned her down. I know.

Apparently, the two were hooking up while filming and Angelina fell madly in love with him and even sent him naughty voicemails and videos (which, like, of course she did). Colin, however, wasn't really feeling the "relationship" vibe and put a stop to their romance during their movie's press tour.

That's when Angelina met Brad and the rest is break Jen's heart, adopt a kid here, adopt a kid there, here a kid, there a kid, everywhere a kid, kid history. Filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a-go, and so was her what I can assume was a very vanilla affair with Brad after having had Colin for a while.

Because neither of us has anything better to do, let's imagine, for a moment, what it would be like if Angelina and Colin ended up together. Two bad boys in the same relationship? There'd be public fireworks non-stop.

First of all, there'd for sure be a leaked sex tape, and on said tape we'd learn that those two are some super kinky mother truckers. Gross.

There'd be way less peace in the world because Angelina wouldn't have gotten all Mother Teresa on us and would've instead embraced and accepted her role as our black widow-esque rebel.

Poor Jen's life would've been way different, too. She'd still be married to Brad. Maybe they'd even have a golden child whose godparents would be the entire cast of Friends and Ocean's 11.

And Zahara, Pax, and Maddox's lives ... they'd be pretty different, as well. With Angie busy using the blood of virgins to tattoo Colin's name on the inside of her lip, she'd be too preoccupied to adopt.

And who knows, even Britney Spears' life could've been different. Had Colin been with Angelina, maybe he and Brit never would've hooked up, and one less rejection in Britney's black book could've saved her from her meltdown.

I'm not saying that Angelina Jolie ruined Britney Spears' life, but it's a possibility.

Could you see Angelina and Colin together?


Photo via Ralph Orlowski/Getty

angelina jolie


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xreds... xredstarsx

Did you research any of this? She adopted before being with Brad and she was a good will ambassador before him too.

Iris0409 Iris0409

Yes, please in the future thoroughly research the history of celebrities before you make jokes about them, k? Thanks.

Iris0409 Iris0409

And by "research" I mean go on YouTube. That is how you "educate yourself" to the satisfaction of internet commentators. You're welcome.

Madel... Madelaine

Not really.

Zangr... Zangrilli

It's not suprising, I don't think Jolie is very discerning when it comes to her love interests, or her life decisions for that matter.  Either way, it's her business.

tuffy... tuffymama

This is the worst trash I've seen on The Stir, ever, and the trash bar was set pretty high before. What is WRONG with you people? I really don't care for any of the three people besmirched in this POS article, but DAYUM.

And Angie's hair looks amazing in that pic. Me so jealous!

proud... proudmomma6804

Lol this article amused me. Especially the Britney spears part.

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