Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Latest Breakup HAS to Be Their Last

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selena gomez justin bieberSure, their sweet little puppy dog romance was cute when they first got together, but considering Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up again after having an "explosive" fight just before New Year's Eve -- it looks like the odds of them living happily ever after are slim to none.

Apparently Selena and Justin planned on ringing in 2013 together in Mexico, but sometime after their arrival, they had a "nuclear argument," which prompted Selena to hop a plane back to the states on December 30.

In case you were curious, the Biebs remained south of the border for one more day. (Guess that's how he rolls.)

Ok, wait a minute -- the whole blowout fight scenario sounds a little too familiar, doesn't it? Yes, it does -- because Justin and Selena had another major brawl back in November when they got into it at an L.A. restaurant, which led to Selena locking the Biebs out of her house. (Way to play hardball, girl.)

And a week or two before she locked him out, they broke up over trust issues. Since then, their relationship has been more than a little wishy-washy, to say the least.

I mean, one minute they're fighting like cats and dogs, and the next they're all cuddled up in Park City, Utah celebrating the holidays with fellow pop star lovebirds, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. (A double date. How cute.)

And most of us assumed everything was all hunky-dory between them again -- until their feet landed on Mexican soil, of course. (Maybe it was something in the water?)

Gah. What on earth could they possibly have to fight about while indulging in a little R&R in paradise? Aren't vacations supposed to bring couples together instead of tear them apart?

And what does this all mean? Are Selena and Justin really over for good this time?

According to an insider, "They keep breaking up and getting back together. It's an on-again, off-again relationship. It's probably not correct to characterize this as a final breakup."

Ok, let's get a show of hands. Who else thinks this absolutely SHOULD be the final breakup for the Biebs and Selena?!? Given how rocky their relationship has been, it's pretty obvious that things are never going to work out between them.

And while they used to be perceived as this adorable couple who had found true love at a very early age despite the odds against them -- now they're really starting to look kind of pathetic. Give it up already, kids -- and go your separate ways before you make even bigger fools of yourselves. There will be plenty of other people to have explosive fights with down the road. I promise.

Do you think Selena and Justin should call it quits for good?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Madel... Madelaine

They need to break up and move on

Vegeta Vegeta

It keeps them in the spotlight. And theyre exactly like every other kid couple. Every little piece of drama ends in a breakup.

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

I think they are young, they will figure it out soon enough and move on. I remember my first puppy live it was kind of the same. I grew up though and moved on eventually.

nonmember avatar cc

No I don't think they should call it off they where a very good match I think they need to work it out and get back together and talk it out.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Who cares about these two? They do it all for publicity.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

I think they are drawing it out for publicity.

caili... caililovesdeja

Wait.."They're starting to look pathetic."

How old are you? And you're writing an article on whether two 20-something year olds are still together or not?


Yah, THEY'RE the pathetic ones.

nonmember avatar gabbygovea


nonmember avatar J

They don't need the publicity. They both have all the fame and fortune they'll need for the rest of their lives. They are young. Every little problem seems so insermountable when you're that age. But you still love each other and can't stay away. Once they grow up they will realize what thick and thin means and then make an adult decision to stick it out or move on. I had lots of 'on and off' relationships in my early 20's. I'd leave everytime I'd get upset with my boyfriend. Now I've been with my hubby 5 years and I've really learned what thick and thin means and the rewards that come with sticking it out with your best friend.

nonmember avatar Charmaine

God. I'm starting to get so fed up of hearing about them breaking-up and getting back together. It's stupid. I mean if I have to see Selena's infamous "...." dots again I might have to punch myself in the face. They're fights are so childish, too. Also, I really don't get why Barbara Pavlin being in the background of a picture is such a big deal? Especially seen as there have been enough pictures of Selena being all too cute with Alfredo Flores and Justin never kicked up a fuss. Obviously, Selly just loves the drama. They should definitely break-up because soon people are going to get really bored of they're drama.

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