Adrienne Maloof & Lisa Vanderpump’s Crazy Ongoing Feud Will Make Season 3 Reunion the Best

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adrienne maloofI don't know why, but I find it very satisfying that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is still feuding with Adrienne Maloof. It just makes me feel better about kind of thinking that Adrienne is the worst. There's just less and less to find sympathetic about the casino mogul, and the more I realize I'm not alone in this stewing distrust of her, a 51-year-old woman who wears glitter hair extensions, the more I'm comforted. And, well, it goes without saying that Lisa is everything. Sure, she's made a bad decision to back that waiter/waitress reality show, Vanderpump Rules, but what she lacks in television production skills she makes up for with her pithy yet truthful one-liners, and her propensity to wear fabulously monochromatic outfits.

My Lisa obsession aside, this feud of hers with Adrienne will make for one fantastic season 3 reunion. Um, hello! Remember what happened when these two went at it at the season 2 reunion?

Add an extra year of heat to that fire, and look out, this pending season 3 reunion could get ugly.

And as everyone knows, the uglier the reunion, the better. I mean, how BORING was this latest RHONY reunion? They'd all mended fences, for the most part, between the end of the season and their sit-down with Andy Cohen, and because of their sudden frenemyships, it was dull as hell to watch them talk about how they've forgiven and forgotten. No one even laid into LuAnn for being exposed as a fucking liar and a cheater! Ugh, it was so platitudinous. But I digress.

Back to Adrienne and Lisa. Lisa doesn't seem like the kind of person who would hold a grudge without good cause, and I appreciate that she continues to distance herself from Adrienne. Between Adrienne's bizarre surrogacy "secret", her nasty divorce from Paul, and her downright evilness on the show (It's character assassination! I'm going to sue her for all she's worth!), I hope Lisa, or anyone else, for that matter, calls Adrienne out for being kind of a dick during season 3.

And if we could get some finger pointing and maybe a table flip or two during such a conversation, that'd be great.

Do you think Lisa is right to stay away from Adrienne?


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Madel... Madelaine


nonmember avatar Angela

I think Adrienne is a total mean girl! She is rude and a phony! Very disrespectful to her now ex-husband. Lisa is right to keep her distance and so should everyone else.

mrswi... mrswillie

I have no idea what is going on. It amazes me that reality tv captures the interest of so many just because the drama.

nonmember avatar Alex

Adrienne is NOT a casino mogul, nor does she play any role of importance in her father's companies, now run by her brothers. Further, the Maloof brothers are so incompetent that they lost all but 2% of the casino because they over financed it and had no cash flow, and their Sac. Kings franchise is in jeopardy because they can't make payments on that either. They still have money, but much of what their father created is in tatters, and Adrienne just collects checks. If she had a real job there, she wouldn't be peddling shoes.

nonmember avatar seta

hO, THIS IS Lisa sponsored commentary. Lisa is the vindictive, conivign person who had no regrets throwing Cedric under the bus once she decided to despose of him becuase her hubby was upset. Are you kidding me here? Brandy puking on Adrienne is all Lisa doing.

nonmember avatar Lu

Adrienne is the BEST!! Her charity if you remember last season helps young girls!! in need and in the streets!! what is Lisa doing? Nothing!! Adrienne ROCKS!!! Hang in there Girl!! All this will make you stronger

nonmember avatar Katie

Adrienne is ridiculous and deserves exactly what she gets from Lisa and Brandy. I love Brandy and its not her fault that she speaks openly and honestly, poor Adrienne just cant handle the truth. Faye (Kyle's friend) couldn't make it as an A list actress so she's trying as hard as she can to get face time on a reality show. She came across as being very catty and of coarse as jealous of Brandy as most of the other wives. Taylor always plays the victim and I usually fast foward her scenes because they're getting harder and harder to watch.

Camille, Lisa, and Brandy are amazing and in my opinion are the only housewives on the show worth watching.

nonmember avatar JaneDoh

Get over it....this is (as all reality shows) a scripted is for our enjoyment only

coppe... copperswifey

I think she is. I don't trust her :/ lol

nonmember avatar Susan

for those who are praising Lisa, have you watched an episode of Vanderpump Rules? Your opinion should change immediately. I watched one episode, won't be watching any more. The female servers agree to wear an "outfit" that's almost see through, with no bra, and probably only a thong. I truly feel Lisa, who knows all this, is guilty of exploiting these girls who are desperate for fame, money, etc. Yes, the girls are all over 18, however, Lisa is over 50, and I doubt if she'd be happy if her daughter wore that for "work". Second, speaking of her daughter, Lisa mentions she keeps one girl on staff, her name is Stacci, because she's good friends with her daughter. Really? Stacci is the nastiest, most vile girl I've seen in a while. So if this girl is friends with her daughter, then she must lack all character and integrity. You are the company you keep. But I wouldn't expect much, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's all for money. If you enjoy fantasy and vile behavior, then this is the show for you.

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