Is New 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Still Single? We’ve Got the Scoop!

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Sean LoweOMG. How excited are you that we're only a few days away from the premiere of Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor? All of us loyal fans have been in major withdrawal since Emily Maynard got engaged to Jef Holm on the finale of The Bachelorette -- and now finally our Monday nights will have a purpose again. (Whew.)

And after seeing just how heartbroken Sean was when Emily broke things off with him, anyone with half an ounce of sensitivity wants him to fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after and all that good stuff.

But will the process work for Sean a second time around? Will he actually wind up getting down on one knee and come out of The Bachelor as an engaged man?



As hard as I try to avoid spoilers (because I like to try and enjoy the show a little), Reality Steve is pretty tough to avoid in my line of work. And this time around, he's really amped up his game by spilling all the beans on Sean's season super early.

According to Steve, Sean Lowe is engaged, and the lucky lady who has a ring on her finger is 26-year-old Catherine Giudici. She's gorgeous. She's a brunette. And she must be a real gem if Sean felt strongly enough about her to propose.

And based on a few other details about her, she's quite the catch. Catherine hails from Seattle, and she works for as a visual designer. (Did I mention that she's also a vegan food blogger on the side?)

She also loves to travel, and cites riding an elephant in Thailand as one of the things on her bucket list. And considering Reality Steve says she and Sean Lowe got engaged in Thailand on November 17, I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that their final date may have involved elephants.

How romantic.

Do you think Catherine sounds like a good match for Sean? And do you believe the spoilers, or do you think he picked someone else?


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nonmember avatar Cindi

I do wish only the best for Sean and hope that he finds the love of his life and they spend the rest of thier lives together happily married. However, Catherine is not the one that I would have chosen for Sean. I was hoping that he wouldn't get engaged on the bachelor and would get to know the person better outside the show first. But, if rumor(s) are true and Sean is engaged, I wish the very best for them.

coppe... copperswifey

I don't think she would be the one, but what do I know lol Normally the spoilers are true, but we will have to wait and see :)

nonmember avatar Shania

Don’t ANY of you GET IT? Catherine was only preselected so the show can reach out to its expanding Asian American female (East asian, as in Filipino, Chinese, Korean, etc.) audience. This is the large demographic group that is with white men, or prefer white men. More of those viewers = more $$$ for the show. Let me guess, one of the final dates will also be in an East Asian country?

nonmember avatar Mel

Catherine is one of the most beautiful, intelligent and successful competitors to-date. The previous comment regarding a selection based on race is ludicrous (not to mention the ridiculous "east Asian" definition) and smells a lot like a woman holding a grudge against a demographic for what I can only assume is the demise of her own relationship. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and remember this is 2013. Equally lame comment about the "east Asian" locale. Someone's been reading spoilers and passing them off as brilliant deduction...invincible ignorance.

nonmember avatar Patsy

If the spoiler is right about Sean's pick, to spend the rest of his life with, I doubt he saw her as his lifetime partner, and no other reason. He fell in love, and she felt the same. God Bless them Both. I have been married and in love, with the love of my life, for over 50 years. I didn't fall in love with him because he was Chinese and I was white, it was because I knew, at the age of 17, he was going to be my lifetime partner.

Jovie Andawey

Preselected? I doubt it. That's all I can say. If it is true that he picked Catherine, I admire Sean more for that. This is a woman with values. She is smart and successful. She is a nice person with a good heart.

Jennifer Jones

Yes Yes they make very good couple Good luck you be happy and don't let no one change it be like Ashley and JP , best friends and then lovers take it one day at a time and most of all put God first and it will work good luck Sean and Catherine.

Margeaux Abbott

First attraction, second playfulness, chemistry, good personality to boot. He watched her the first two weeks and so was she. Love blossomed and nurtured and keep nurturing. God bless to both.

Jennifer Jones

Yes I'm hoping that it is Catherine is very smart just like Sean they both have degree from collage and they have the same kind of goal in life and that good I hope reality Steve is on target he's been right so far on all the episode. Good luck Sean good luck Catherine yes i'm a Catherine fan.

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