'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Needs This Hot 'Older Woman' to Play Anastasia

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krysten ritterUsually, the younger you are in Hollywood, the better ... but in the case of Anastasia Steele and who will play her in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, I think age is actually a boon. In the steamy novel, Ana is a 21-year-old college student who falls in love with an older man, and most people expect the director to cast, well, someone around the age of 21 to play the part. I, however, beg to disagree. In order to play Ana, you've got to be sexy yet sweet, naive yet wise, obsequious yet assertive. That's why Krysten Ritter, star of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23, and who happens to be 31, would be a perfect Ana.

And it's because of, not despite, her horribly, hideously, disgustingly gross old age that makes her ideal. She has some life experience to bring to the part, and yes, the obvious argument is that Ana doesn't, that Ana's so young, and that's just as much as her character as is her lip biting.

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Fine, but Ana's not real. In order to play Ana, you have to understand what she's feeling, and in order to understand what she's feeling, you have to have some years under your belt. Enter Krysten. She knows way more about what Ana's going through than, say, a Disney star whose biggest thrill in life is when her manager lets her go off her diet for a week's vacation to the Seychelles.

Granted, a pina colada and an island getaway is more than I could ever hope for in my measly existence, but we're talking a multi, multimillion-dollar job here. I wouldn't want to leave that up to a kid. The kids can stay making their big bucks on those singing shows that everyone seems to like so much.

A talented actress like Krysten would be able to bring a necessary depth to Ana, and the good news is, she's into it. She tweeted she'd be down for the role.

Look out, Lucy.

Do you think Krysten would make a great Ana?


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nonmember avatar sarah

Absolutely not. She would make the movie a complete 'turn-off' for me.

nonmember avatar BC

No. Just no.

BPayne09 BPayne09

She doesn't fit the part in the slightest.

nonmember avatar Margaret

Umm...no, absolutely not. Alexis' look is what we're after. Don't care if it's an unknown but that's the look for Ana...no Lucy either...sorry

nonmember avatar Tammy

Ummm NOOOO.. that would be the worst casting EVER...

nonmember avatar Haley

She is a better fit than many actresses mentioned, but it's a no for me as well. Like felicity Jones or Emilia Clarke as Ana!

nonmember avatar Charleen

Ann Hathaway would be a good choice. She is the right age, and totally tallented. Please use the new Bruno Mars CD as the soundtrack. The Gorilla song was made for this movie, Locked out of Heaven too and a raggea type song would be good for their honeymoon ..

Kay7684 Kay7684

Just no, wtf, get with the beat, there are a few (whose name i forget) who fit the bill. If the movie is being done, do it properly!

nonmember avatar Megan

Absolutely not....she would make a horrible Anastasia!!!!PLease oh Please NO...I wouldn't even watch it if the producers cast her!

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