'Walking Dead' Season 3, Part 2 Preview: Where Are All the Zombies?! (VIDEO)

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rick walking deadYou know what I love about The Walking Dead? (Besides almost everything?) I love how the break between seasons -- or half-seasons, as it were -- is relatively short. Like, a few weeks ago when the first half of Season 3 ended, we were all sadder than a bucket of ... sad stuff in a bucket. But now we're only a few weeks away from the beginning of the second half of Season 3, and it's like that bucket of sad is half-empty! (Half-full?) Okay, never mind about buckets. Point is, more brand new episodes of The Walking Dead are coming, soon, and if this preview trailer is any indication, we are in for some serious plot twist action. Some serious ch-ch-ch-changes. Such as ...

Carl is clearly becoming the man of the house (for lack of a better word), as Rick is looking world-wearier than ever. Andrea and the Governor, meanwhile, are looking way too kissy-kissy for my taste. Hershel is still plenty feisty, at least for now (phew!). But, as Paula Cole once sang, Where have all the zombies gone? (Zombies, cowboys, what's the diff?)

Seriously. You remember that tag line, "Fight the dead, fear the living." After watching this trailer, maybe they should change it to "Ack, people! RUN!"

Check it out and tell us what you think ...

Will the second half of Season 3 of The Walking Dead be packed with surprises?

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mommy... mommythree0508

One of these days I'm going to watch this. Everybody on my facebook talks about it.

Karma... KarmaGrant

Am so ready for this! Love this show.

jessi... jessicasmom1

always got to have a twist

Net1957 Net1957

It's going to be awesome! I can't wait! I hope it's packed full of zombies!

sukainah sukainah

I don't watch it, but it sounds really good.

timon95 timon95

don't watch it

nonmember avatar Tim

This season has really picked up the pace, and I can’t wait for the midseason premiere to get here! I’m sure the zombies will be back with a vengeance, but the greater threat to Rick and the gang is the Governor. Some of my DISH coworkers said that Carl is more on his game about not trusting new people than his dad, which is true since he was smart enough to isolate Tyrese at the prison. It might be a short turnaround, but I just re-watched the first part of the season since I recorded all the episodes on my DISH Hopper. My DVR holds up to 2,000 hours of programming so I can save this season of Walking Dead and watch it again whenever I want.

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