Justin Bieber’s Alleged Pot Smoking Blamed for Photographer’s Death?

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justin bieberThe tragic story of Chris Guerra, the photographer killed trying to photograph Justin Bieber's Ferrari, just took a strange turn. An anonymous source (also a photographer) claims he was on the phone with Guerra shortly before he was struck by a car. The photographer says Guerra told him he spotted Bieber smoking pot earlier in his car. (As it happens, Bieber was not even in the Ferrari Guerra was trying to photograph when he was killed.)

Worse, the friend thinks this makes Bieber responsible for Guerra's death. According to TMZ, "He also says he believes Justin is partly to blame for Chris' death because of the singer's reckless driving history and alleged pot smoking which made it a big story to follow." What?!?

Hold on a minute here. I know a young man just lost his life, and I'm sure his friends and family are reeling with grief right now. But can we slow down a moment with the accusations?

We just don't know enough about what really happened, exactly. Guerra may have been mistaken about what he thinks he saw. And even if he did spy Justin Bieber smoking pot while speeding down the highway earlier that day, that doesn't make Justin responsible for the photographer's death. No one HAS to chase the crazy, dangerous celebs. It's not safe to tail Lindsay Lohan, either! Just for one example.

There's a big, lucrative market for tabloid gossip. And there are people who risk their lives chasing those stories for a living. But you can't blame celebs for dangling stories of reckless behavior in front of photographers. On the other hand, maybe this is a good moment for Justin Bieber to do a little self-reflection himself. He didn't cause this death, but it seems like he's been getting into trouble lately. 2013 could be the year Biebs decides not to follow the path of so many troubled former child stars before him.

Do you think Justin Bieber really is engaging in risky behavior or is it all just empty gossip?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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kellynh kellynh

Honestly, just don't follow him

Nycti... Nyctimene

Stupid. If Paps are going to make their money by stalking people (and California has strict stalker laws which they do break much of the time) then they get what they get. If you WILLINGLY engage in a high speed chance or purposely get int he way of cars (while on foot) then you're accepting the likely consequences of those actions. It's like purposely putting your hand on a stove you know is hot and then blaming the manufacturer.

It's like the newest racket in Hollywood. Anyone with a camera can claim to be a reporter or pap and all they have to do is throw themselves in front of a celeb vehicle, get some sort of minor injury and then it's a chance at quick, easy money by suing the celeb for some outrageous amount. $4 million because they sprained their pinky or something dumb.

Flori... Floridamom96

Um, Bieber wasn't even in the car much less driving it.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Wow. It's just pot, which is legal in many states. Either way this poor guy did not have to follow him. It's very sad but no one should really be blamed for his death....


Thanks Floridamom;exactly what I was going to say! His photog friend just proves how low these weasels are:blame the prey.What ass wipes

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Justin wasn't even on the damn car.

Would you blame a victim if a stalker was in the process of stalking and stupidly got out his car on a free way and was hit? Because you have basically just done that.

These people are paid stalkers and they are willing to risk the lives of their victims and anyone around them to make money. Sure no one deserves to die, but this guy was not some innocent victim. He got out of his car on a freeway!

Now some poor person has to live with the fact that he/she hit some guy and killed him.

The family and friends may be mourning, but they don't have the right to point finger, the only one to blame is this paparazzi.

I don't care if Justin smoked a billion joints, he didn't make anyone chase his car.

tayan... tayanddyl

sometimes they should just let the pic get away.  it doesn't make sense to lose your life trying to capture a photo.  RIP

timon95 timon95

it is sad what happened, but he chose to follow him.

cleo_... cleo_is_mine

Absurd. This "blame JBieber" is someone trying to spin a story. He might have been smoking herbs earlier and pap says "I saw him smoking" cause they want to sell photos. Let's be clear, JB wasn't even in the car which btw was stopped, being pulled over by police. This pap stopped his car on other side of freeway, crossed over to take pictures and the POLICE OFFICER said "go back to your car". Are we gonna blame the officer? I mean, who the fuck is that stupid to try to cross the freeway. And this idiot "friend" trying to blame JB? Wth!

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