Rumored Frontrunner to Play Christian Grey Makes Perfect Sense

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chris hemsworthNow that it's 2013, we're clearly thatmuchcloser to the release of Fifty Shades of Grey: The Movie, so it's no wonder we're hearing even more about the casting of Christian Grey. (And you didn't think that was possible -- ha!) Sure, there have been many false alarms surrounding which leading man will take the coveted role. We even thought for a moment that the classically dapper and always scrumptious Ryan Gosling was the shoo-in.

But now, Australian newspaper, The Herald Sun, is reporting that Chris Hemsworth is the frontrunner to play Christian in the highly anticipated flick. And the proof they offer sounds rather convincing ...

Apparently, Chris's performance in the soon-to-be-released film Rush, in which he plays the late and great F1 racer James Hunt, caught the eye of U.S. producers. Mostly because he shined in the movie's many steamy scenes, or as director Eric Feliner described it, "naked shagging." HOT!

This isn't the first time the hot new dad has been associated with Fifty Shades. Fans and gossipmongers alike have thrown around his name -- and his brother Liam's name -- as candidates for Christian and Elliot Grey. Around the same time tongues started to wag about his potential casting, he acknowledged that he had heard of the book but had yet to read it. Well, several months have passed since then, and maybe the picture's changed quite a bit ...

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Then again, this may just be a not-at-all-subtle attempt to hype Rush. Just like Eddie Redmayne dishing about his interest in playing Christian was a blatant attempt to up teen interest in Les Mis. So annoying. Fingers crossed it's more the latter than the former, cuz if Chris actually was cast as Christian, it would not only ensure him mega-stardom ... but also make many eye candy-craving Fifty fans very happy campers.

How do you feel about Chris Hemsworth as Christian?


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nonmember avatar sarah

HELL YES, please!

linzemae linzemae

How many rumored frontrunners are there now? 27?!

kellynh kellynh

Lol, I umm... Well never read the book

Madel... Madelaine


nonmember avatar craner

Ehh, I am sure they can find someone a little better to satisfy women's mental image of Christian Grey. I'm not saying he's bad looking or anything, but he's definitely not the mental image I came up with which was a clean shaven, crisp dressing, muscular, out of this world gorgeous man. I'm sorry, but I really don't think this guy is up for that type of expectation.

timon95 timon95

haven't read the books

nonmember avatar Amanda

I am not too happy with this selection. I was hoping for Henry Cavill. He is the man I imagine to be Christian Grey. He has nice toussled hair and is very seductive, manly, and a gentleman all at once.

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