Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Sells Like Crazy With Pregnancy News & OMG Why?

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Kim KardashianYou've heard the great news about Kim Kardashian, right? No, not her newfound status jump from Kanye West's "perfect bitch" to "baby mama," I'm talking about the fact that Kim's pregnancy has boosted sales of her infamous sex tape by a whopping 80 percent.

I'm sure it's the sort of news every mom-to-be dreams of: you finally share your thrilling secret with the world, and the world ... rushes to watch you have sex with Ray J?

The real question here, of course, is WHY did Kim Kardashian's pregnancy announcement create the biggest jump in video-on-demand purchases of her sex tape sex since her marriage to Kris Humphries? All my theoretical answers to this mystery are equally disturbing.

I mean, maybe the fact that she's having a baby reminded people that she does, in fact, have sex. And that not only has she had sex fairly recently with Kanye West, an act that obviously circumvented both birth control and his stated feelings on how women who got one of your kids got you for 18 years, she had sex before. Hey, I wonder what she looks like when she has sex! Hey, how convenient that Vivid Entertainment has made it possible for me to do so via a paid membership that also gives me access to "Tila Tequila Uncorked!"

Or maybe people are in a panic to burn the sexy image of her naked body into their brains before she starts walking around with an obvious baby bump. Maybe they're worried that a pregnant Kim Kardashian will destroy their raging Kim Kardashian boner forever, or that despite the MILF she'll likely turn into, her image as a mom won't be quite as sexy as her image as a scantily-clad reality show star who may in fact still technically be married to Kris Humphries when she has Kanye's baby.

I suppose the most likely explanation is simply that fame begets fame. The fact that she's a hot news item because of the pregnancy raises awareness about her in general, which leads to more purchases of Kardashian-related products. In a twisted circle-of-life sort of way, it all makes sense: she became famous because of her sex tape, and now she's bringing more attention right back to the source of her popularity. And, of course, getting paid for it all -- along with Ray J, who must be feeling just as "blessed and lucky" as his onetime lover.

Why do you think Kim Kardashian's pregnancy news has created a spike in her sex tape sales?  

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kellynh kellynh

Duh... Yup

nonmember avatar yup

Kim K. is the role model for liberal,overweight american white chicks....

timon95 timon95


cloud... clouddreamer

I already feel sorry for her child. give it  a year , Kanye and her will be getting divorce.


hello... hellokd87

I feel sorry for Kim that this is the only thing that pops up when idiotic people see her name. I don't want to get all preachy, but you people need to stop acting like you didn't take a picture or anything like that when you were younger. At some point, with the height of technology, this is something we have all done at one point in our lives. She was just knock-out beautiful so it became a hit. And she DIDN'T become famous JUST BECAUSE of this video. There was an episode of the Kardashians in one of the first seasons where she discovers this tape was being circulated. That's when she broke down and Kris was fighting to get it removed and to sue the production company that released it. America needs to get off its high horse whenever a celebrity does something wrong because someone somewhere in this land of opportunity is doing much worse. She made ONE sex tape. She has been trying to redeem herself and forgive the girl if she is regarded as a sex symbol. YOU would capitalize on that if YOU looked like her. Jealous, envious women who hate her or love to hate her because she is the ideal woman (curvy, not too much not too little) and you could never look like that. "Haters" of the Kardashians need to grow up.

nonmember avatar Frank

I think females like the Kardashians have cheapened and devalued real women.
(Notice I called her a female. Not a lady. Not a woman.)

A woman is supposed to be treated as if she is a goddess but these skanks make men think they are all out to bed the next man down. Disgusting.

Im sure this child will be as normal as the offsporing of a tramp can be.

coppe... copperswifey

probably just getting her name out there again and people are curious about the tape. Other then that i have no idea :/

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